Gearjunkie rates Buff® Best Product in 10 years

We knew that Gearjunkie loves Buff®. Great to see that they rated it as #2 in the list of 10 best products of the last 10 years. Just click on the image to see the article on What we noticed The facemask is worn in a near perfect way to make it cool you […]

Skin Cancer Protection for the Face

Skin cancer protection for the face is the number 1 reason Fisho’s wear a High UV Buff®. This image sums it all up. The sun hitting your face merciless all day. UPF20 adds extra skin cancer protection. Sun cream causing all sorts of skin issues after a while. UPF20 lets your reduce it. Then the […]

Unfreeze your face with a scarf / face mask combination

You’re high up on the slopes & the weather goes south. Good if you’ve got a Polar Buff® with you. This guy’s got two with him. Use the fleece part to keep your neck warm. Pull the Original Buff® part up as a face mask. Here you’ve got a great balance of chill protection & […]

Fend off biting wind chill with a Wool Buff® face mask

This is were tubes rock. It’s around your neck & your cheeks are freezing. A simple pull up your face and you have a face mask. The Wool Buff® has the loosest fit of all tubes. It’s also the longest. This gives you lots of layers to go from chill protection up to really warm. […]

Skin Cancer & Bug Protection for Open Face Helmets

The sun is hitting your face and you have to keep your lips tight to keep the bugs out. This wasn’t the experience you were hoping for. Just take your High UV Buff® and wear it as face mask. Instant bliss. Sunburned face? Gone with UPF 20 UV protection Normal bandannas get soggy with your […]

Stopping the Cold Biting on Night Commutes

It’s dark and the chill is biting during your daily commute. This is were the Original Buff® as face mask shines. It has just the right thickness to take the cold bite off. No sweating as it doesn’t warm you in one layer. It has the right density to allow heavy breathing. No effort breathing […]

Heat, Sun & Sand Protection in the Marathon Des Sables

A desert is super hot & dry. On top there is no shade from the sun relentlessly frying you. Add some possible sandstorm and you get a feel what a desert marathon puts up on challenges. Participants of the Marathon Des Sables have been using the Original & the High UV Buff® to cope with […]

Sun & Extreme Heat Feel so much Better with a Cooling Face mask

This picture was taken during the 2003 Marathon Des Sables. It clearly shows that a Buff® can be used in extreme heat and sun to protect your face. Even for sports. The participant is actually wearing the Original Buff®. At that time the High UV Buff® didn’t exist. It shows you how good the cooling […]

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