Cat our first Buff® fan

We met Cat in 2004 at the Morgan & Wacker Harley dealership in Brisbane. She was working there and couldn’t wait to give Buff® a try. We learned that she works as a Postie Biker, as motorcycle trainer and loves motorcycle drag racing on weekends. She really wears a helmet most of the time. A […]

2015 Dakar Rally is on again

Just in case you missed it. The 2015 Dakar Rally started 4 days ago. It’s early but Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms are already in the Top 5. They are both Buff® users since the 2007 and now Buff® ambassadors. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wish them all the best [mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]This […]

Comfort Scarf for Adventurous Women

The number 1 use on adventures. A comfort scarf if you’re a little bit out of your comfort zone. In this case the scarf also: Seals the motorcycle collar Keeps the bugs out Takes the bite of cool air The image shows the AmazonHeart group on their first UK ride in 2005. They are outside […]

A Comforting Scarf on your Adventures

You’re out of your comfort zone exploring the world. Nice to have a comforting scarf with you. The Wool Buff® is super comfortable and a favourite among globetrotters. It doesn’t matter if your discovering the world on your motorbike, your bicycle or hitch-hiking. Pictured is Danielle Murdoch of fame. She travelled from Australia over […]

Sweaty Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

So your helmet is gunky and smells. It takes hours to clean and yet the smell comes back. Next time you clean it use a anti-bacterial treatment like Polygiene. Then use a Buff® to keep it that way. A Buff® is anti-bacterial for life and kills germs. The source of the smell. Buff® uses Polygiene™.  […]

Prevents Rashes of a Motorcycle Brace

You ride in a dusty & hot environment. You don’t want to break your neck. So you are wearing a neck brace. Unfortunately sand and sweat gets in and the brace start giving you a nasty rash. That’s what Marc and Jordi experienced on their rallies. They solved it by wrapping the end of their […]

Skin Cancer & Bug Protection for Open Face Helmets

The sun is hitting your face and you have to keep your lips tight to keep the bugs out. This wasn’t the experience you were hoping for. Just take your High UV Buff® and wear it as face mask. Instant bliss. Sunburned face? Gone with UPF 20 UV protection Normal bandannas get soggy with your […]

No Helmet Hair for Professional Bikers

Looking like a broom after taking your helmet off? Just put your Original Buff® as hair cover over your head. It will come out looking like Kath’s on the image. Kath is a motorcycle driving instructor, drag racer, postie biker and loves riding her Harley on days off. She was the first to give us […]

Cold Chin Eased on Motorcycle Tour

You’re on tour and your chin starts getting cold. Just pull your Original Buff® a bit up. It doesn’t have to stop at the chin. You decide. That’s the beauty of tubular headwear. It’s just the cold bite that lowers your joy. A fleece would be to warm and make you sweat. That’s were the […]

Free Up Both Hands in the Dark

You arrive at your camp site in the dark. You need light and you’ve only got a hand torch. Just wrap your Original Buff® up in many layers to make it very firm. On as headband and the torch tucked in. You’ve got both hands free again. This is one of many things you can […]

Helmet Hair & Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

Have a helmet on for some time and it starts smelling. Ever tried to get the pads out in order to clean the gunk that builds up? The Original Buff® gets rid of Gunk and bad odour. It is anti-odour for a lifetime. The technology applied is called Polygiene™. It’s hospital grade technology and the […]

Make a Statement

You’d like to show people who you are and what you stand for. Some Buff® designs are statements. Wear them prominently. Wear them proud. This photo was taken at the annual Wheel Babes meeting in Ballina, NSW, Australia. It’s a women’s only event. The biker shown was the partner of one of the organisers. We […]

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