Cancer / Chemo Headwear Guide

We often hear raving feedback from people with cancer and going through chemo therapy. That I would like to share it with you. The main benefits that we always hear about are:

  • Very soft and feels great  to wear. Absolutely itch-free
  • Very versatile in hiding that you are wearing a wig (and making the wearing of a wig more comfortable)
  • Designs are a welcome fashion alternative to other headwear

Recommended Product

If you have cancer or are going through chemo therapy we recommend you look at the Original Buff® as this is the preferred product. It has two features that are significant for chemo headwear:

  • Polygiene technology keeps the fabric germ free. It’s the best money can buy. A technology that is normally used in hospitals. Based on silver-ions it kills 99.9% of all bacteria.
  • It passes the highest Oekotex tests for harmful and irritating substances. Absolutely free of anything toxic and nothing in it that would make it itch.

Original Buff® Design Collection

AJ Black Rabbit Original Buff®
AJ Solstice Original Buff®
Auscam Original Buff®
Hunter Military Original Buff®
Jing Original Buff®
Tenzin Original Buff®
15% offBlack Original Buff®

Black Original Buff®

$34.95 $29.71
Black R-Original Buff®
Blue Skydiver R-Original Buff®
Amaranth Purple Chic Stripes Original Buff®
Anira Graphite Original Buff®
Artic Regions Original Buff®
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  • Sandra O'Meara

    What exactly is a buff and what does it look like on the head ?

    • Edward

      Dear Sandra,
      A Buff® is actually a range of tubular fabrics that are designed for specific functionality. So, for example, the Original Buff® is designed to take the edges of the heat and the cold while the High UV Buff® is designed for cooling & UV protection in the heat of the day.
      In the case of “Chemo” headwear, the two technical features Oekotex™ and Polygiene™ seem to provide comfort and safety that you don’t get with normal headwear. That’s why I mention them.

      Best is to have a look at the Product Guides I wrote. You can find them here. Just click on the “By Product” button and you will see all the product guides available.

      The best way to discover the virtues of tubular headwear is to have a look at my “Basics” playlist on Youtube. This will give you a quick overview of what it’s for and how it looks. Click here.

      Thanks so much for asking this question, Sandra. I will update the guide very soon and answer your question in great detail

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