Cancer / Chemo Headwear Guide

We often hear raving feedback from people with cancer and going through chemo therapy. That I would like to share it with you. The main benefits that we always hear about are:

  • Very soft and feels great  to wear. Absolutely itch-free
  • Very versatile in hiding that you are wearing a wig (and making the wearing of a wig more comfortable)
  • Designs are a welcome fashion alternative to other headwear

Recommended Product

If you have cancer or are going through chemo therapy we recommend you look at the Original Buff® as this is the preferred product. It has two features that are significant for chemo headwear:

  • Polygiene technology keeps the fabric germ free. It’s the best money can buy. A technology that is normally used in hospitals. Based on silver-ions it kills 99.9% of all bacteria.
  • It passes the highest Oekotex tests for harmful and irritating substances. Absolutely free of anything toxic and nothing in it that would make it itch.

Original Buff® Design Collection

OUT OF STOCKAfgan Graphite Original Buff®
Shanti SF-Original Buff®
Mountain Bits Blue Original Buff®
Grey Castlerock Original Buff®
Itinerary Original Buff®
Australia Flag Original Buff®
Cosamais SF-Original Buff®
Walker Blue Original Buff®
Black R-Original Buff®
Delhi Tobacco Original Buff®
Blue Skydiver Original Buff®
Codina Mineral Original Buff®

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