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BUFF® Headband Guide

The Buff® Headband in a Nutshell

The Headband is engineered for running in hot weather.

Coolmax® Extreme rating provides best-in-class sweat wicking and cooling.

The Buff® Headband is 10.5 cm (20 inch) wide tube. Made out of the High UV Buff® fabrick it stretches to fit adults with a head circumference of 53-62 cm
  • A 10.5 cm wide headband made out of High UV Buff® fabric
  • Designed for high impact sports in the heat
  • Popular in running
  • Cooling – Coolmax Extreme rating
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 17 gr (0.6 oz)

Product Details of a Buff® Headband

Want more details? Just post a comment and I will answer.

Design Collection

The Buff® Headband is currently only available in one design.


  1. Karen Jones

    Hi guys, just wondering if the headband is still only available on the one design? Could you send me a Hyperlink to the design/colour? Thanks for your help.

    1. Dear Karen,
      Inge and Edward are out of the office until the 13.8.20 and will get in contact with you as soon they are back.

      Kind regards

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