Studio photo of the BUFF® Pack Treck Cap Design ”Calyx Grenadine”. Source:
Calyx Grenadine Pack Summit Cap

Calyx Grenadine Pack Summit Cap


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A catalogue hero photo of a man and a woman hiking. They are wearing cool environment clothing with a Buff® around the neck and a Pack Treck Cap on the head. The woman in the foreground is sharp and in focus. The man in the back and the background are blurry. Source:

The BUFF® Pack Summit Cap is for trekking in hot and sunny weather

  • UPF50+ UV protection rating 
  • Fast sweat absorption & quick drying
  • Inner sweatband and air escape vents
  • Adjustable velcro band for a comfortable fit
  • Packs tiny
  • Very lightweight with only 30 grams
  • Fits Adult
A gif animation that shows the BUFF® Pack Trek Cap fold and unfold into a tiny package. Source:

Packs Small

As a trekking cap, the BUFF® Pack Summit Cap packs small and only weighs only 30 grams (1.05 oz)

A photo of the inside of a BUFF® Pack Trek Cap showing the inner sweatband for additional sweat absorbtion. Source:

An Integrated Sweatband

The Buff® Pack Summit Cap has super breathable and moisture-wicking panels.

If all that isn't enough, there is an additional, soft, sweatband integrated to make sure that your face stays dry.

A photo showing the back of a BUFF® Pack Trek Cap. A velcro strap for size adjustment is featured prominently. Source:

The Perfect Fit

4-way stretch panels plus the velcro strap in the back ensure a perfect fit.

A montage showing a runner running through a desert. Superimposed is a logo of saying UPF50. Source:

UPF 50+ Sun/UV Protection

All solid panels pass the UPF 50+ test. That equals excellent skin cancer protection.

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