Fire Fighter Balaclava

A Balaclava for structural firefighters. It protects against flashovers, contact heat and radiant heat.

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Two structural firefighters standing in front of a burning house in full protective gear. The flames are shooting out of the windows and the scene looks very hot. Source:

Structural Firefighter Balaclava

The Buff® Fire Fighter Balaclava protects structural firefighters against flashover, contact heat and radiant heat. It consists of 2 layers of a blend between Nomex® and Viscose FR® for superior protection and comfort. Certifications: CE - CAT III EN ISO 13688/13, EN 13911/17, EN 1149-5/08, NFPA 1971

Fire Resistant

Protective Clothing for Firefighters according to EN 13911/04


Antistatic according to UNE EN 1149-5/08


Draws sweat away from your skin to aid in heat-relief

Quick Drying

Dries quickly

  • Highly breathable
  • Fast sweat absorption & quick drying
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to Viscose FR®
  • Stretchy for a comfortable fit under a helmet
  • Extra shoulder protection
  • Composition 56% M-Aramid Nomex®, 31% Viscose FR®, 6% Polyamide, 3% P-Aramid Kevlar®, 2% Carbon Fiber P-140, 2 % Elastane
  • Fits Adults. The size is 48.3 x 36 cm