Original Buff® Guide

The Original Buff® is the foundation of the Buff® success story.

Heat, Cold, Wind & Rain.

You will find comfort. It incorporates the latest technologies in performance headwear.

The Original Buff® In A Nutshell

Original Buff® Guide
The Original Buff® is a tube knitted out of a unique microfibre
  • A 51 cm long, knitted tube of special Buff® microfibre
  • Popular in all Weather / all Activities
  • Replaces 10 different types of head wear
  • Chill Protection – Fills the gap between nothing & too warm
  • Heat Relief – Takes the heat off using your sweat
  • Comfort – Very comfy even when wet
  • Ultra thin – Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Kills Germs and Odour
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Lasts several years of daily use
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 35 gr (1.234 oz)

How a Original Buff® is used

A random selection of feedback & things I found on the net. As you can see the limit is only your imagination. Got a good image to share? Please get in touch.

Comfort Scarf for Adventurous Women

Comfort Scarf for Adventurous Women

The number 1 use on adventures. A comfort scarf if you're a little bit out of your comfort zone. In this case the scarf also: Seals the motorcycle collar Keeps the bugs out Takes the bite of cool air The image shows the AmazonHeart group on their first UK ride ... Read More
A landscape frontal shot of a joung XC skiing athlete before a race. It's Ben Sim smiling into the camera during the 2009 World Championships. He is wearing a Australian Flag Original Buff® as warming scarf. This way sweat doesn't cause any chill around the neck. Source: Finn Marsland © permission to use on our websites for the promotion of the Original Buff® in cross country skiing

Sweaty, Cold Necks gone in XC Skiing

It's cold & you are sweating. Pretty standard situation in XC ski races. The Original Buff® can fix this. Here we have Ben Sim wearing the Original Buff® as neck warmer. Ben is a member of the 2008/09 Australian National Team. He is somewhere in Europe (Looks like 2009 Davos ... Read More
A side, landscape shot of a man smiling in full Marathon Des Sables gear. He is wearing a Original Buff® as neck cooler. He looks happy & relaxed. I assume that this photo was taken before a stage of the 2005 Marathon Des Sables. You can also spot other uses of the Original Buff® like water bottle covers. Today people prefer the High UV Buff® for this event. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff®.

Heat Relief as Neck Cooler

It's hot and you need some heat relief. One way is to provide your back neck with some wet cooling. You can make your Original Buff® in a neck cooler to achieve this. The photo was taken during the 2005 Marathon des Sables. At that time the Original Buff® was ... Read More
A portrait shot of a female motorcycle rider wearing a full face helmet. Kath is wearing a Original Buff® as helmet liner. She is also wearing a motorcycle leather jacket and sunglasses. Source: Kath Salotti © permission to use on our websites

Helmet Hair & Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

Have a helmet on for some time and it starts smelling. Ever tried to get the pads out in order to clean the gunk that builds up? The Original Buff® gets rid of Gunk and bad odour. It is anti-odour for a lifetime. The technology applied is called Polygiene™. It's ... Read More
A back landscape shot of a woman with long hair combing a horse. The focus is on her long hair held together by a Original Buff® as scrunchie / hair band. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in horse riding.

Long Hair Tamed with a Hair Band

Hair flying around? Tame it with the Original Buff® as hair band. One of the many ways to use a Buff® if you don't really need it. Also a great way to stop it from getting nicked. Tutorials Coming. Designs The Buff® design shown is out of the 2007 logo ... Read More

Product Details

Want more details? Just post a comment and I will answer.

Key Features

Here you find why the Original Buff® is loved by so many. I’m updating these posts regularly and adding more information as I come across it. Any contribution is welcome.

Photomontage Left image Stock photo. A grey t-shirt with sweat stains under sleeves and through the torso. Copyright: mjdphotography / 123RF Stock Photo Right Image A participant of an Adventure Race in Patagonia hikes up a mountain in full alpine gear. He is wearing an Original Buff® as beanie. You can see sweat on his face but the Buff® looks dry. © Unknown. Released by Original Buff S.A for the promotion of Buff® products.

Moisture Management

A wet T-shirt in the cold is so nasty. Moisture managed fabrics like Buff® keep you comfortable (123rf.com / buff.eu) Cotton is horrible when wet. It gets heavy, feels wet and clings. Add cold weather and your wellbeing goes south. Buff® fabrics manage moisture. So good that wearing a wet ... Read More
Photomontage Left image. Stock photo. Exhausted sweaty young woman after a long run. Peter Bernik © 123rf.com. Right image. Photoshoot. A male and a female model jogging. They are wearing Buff® headbands. © Original Buff® S.A. Released for the promotion of Buff® products


Imagine having something smelly around your face. Buff® fabrics prevents this. Permanently. The smell of your T-shirt is caused by bacteria. The better the living conditions the quicker it starts smelling. That's why it's always your armpits that smell first. Wonderful warm and moist. The perfect environment for bacteria. Buff® uses the ... Read More
Photomontage: Front left image This 2009 photograph captured a sneeze in progress, revealing the plume of salivary droplets as they are expelled in a large cone-shaped array from this mans open mouth, thereby, dramatically illustrating the reason one needs to cover his/her mouth when coughing, or sneezing, in order to protect others from germ exposure. 2009 Brian Judd source: James Gathany / CDC Public Health Image library ID 11162 / public domain Front right image This is a "How-to-wear" image for the official 2011 Buff® catalogue 2011 Original Buff, S.A. Spain source: buff.eu / copyrighted - only to be used for the promotion of Original Buff® products Background image Crowded marketplace 2006 James Creegan source: https://technicalheadwear.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Crowd-Sneeze-Montage-3-600x300-600x300.jpg


You are in a crowd and people are coughing and sneezing around you. Didn't used to be a big thing. Now Drug resistant germs are on the rise International travel is spreading infectious diseases world wide really fast There are more people around. Crowds are getting bigger. Great to have ... Read More

It is not for you if:

You feel hot & sweaty most of the time.

The High UV Buff® will suit you better

You feel cold most of the time.

The Wool Buff® will suit you better.

You want UV protection.

The High UV Buff® is then your only choice.

Original Buff® Design Collection

AJ Black Rabbit Original Buff®
AJ Solstice Original Buff®
Auscam Original Buff®
Hunter Military Original Buff®
Jing Original Buff®
Tenzin Original Buff®
15% offBlack Original Buff®

Black Original Buff®

$34.95 $29.71
Black R-Original Buff®
Blue Skydiver R-Original Buff®
Amaranth Purple Chic Stripes Original Buff®
Anira Graphite Original Buff®
Artic Regions Original Buff®

How Do I Get One?

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