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How the Global Fishing Community uses Buff®

The nb. 1 use is the High UV Buff® as face mask for skin cancer protection. After that it’s keeping Sunburn, Windburn & Freezing winds of your head.

Best is to scroll through the gallery below and “Read More” what fits you the most. You will find the right product mentioned there.

A frontal landscape shot of a fly fisherman standing up to his hips in water. The man is holding a large milkfish in his hands. He is wearing a High UV Buff® as face mask. Addional cap, long sleeve shirt and cap indicate that he wants total UV protection. Source: Copyright: ©2007 Pat Ford. Given to us for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in the fishing market

Skin Cancer Protection for the Face

Skin cancer protection for the face is the number 1 reason Fisho's wear a High UV Buff®. This image sums it all up. The sun hitting your face merciless all day. UPF20 adds extra skin cancer protection. Sun cream causing all sorts of skin issues after a while. UPF20 lets ... Read More
A frontal landscape shot of a woman holding up her catch. She is wearing a High UV Buff® as hair cover. The photo is taken in Far North Queensland so it is hot and humid. The boat is a professional fishing charter vessel. It looks as if she has been out fishing all day and is really happy about her catch. Source: Copyright: Permitted to use on our website

Salty, Bleached Hair on the Boat a Thing of the Past

The sun bleaching your hair? The saltwater spray making it tacky? Try the High UV Buff® as hair cover. This photo was taken in a hot & humid area. Around Weipa in far north Queensland. This is were the High UV Buff® excels. "Fish" from gave us this shot ... Read More
The photo shows a saltwater fisherman holding up a great catch. He is smiling at his catch. He is wearing a High UV Buff® and Angler Gloves. The scene looks hot & sunny. The man is wearing the High UV Buff® as a half balaclava. The face is entirely exposed. This and the shadows indicates that the sun is behind the man. Source: Copyright: Unknown. Distributed for the promotion of the HIgh UV Buff® in fishing.

Full Head Protection on the Ocean

Your neck gets burned and is hot. The sun is right in your back. You put your High UV Buff® on as a half balaclava. Now you've got cooling and skin cancer protection on your neck. Do you have a trucker cap with a mesh back? Be aware that you ... Read More
A landscape photo of a person fly fishing on a lake. The person is standing on a boat wearing a Visor Buff® as full Balaclava. The day looks cool to cold. Full cloud cover and the person is wearing a fleece west. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our website

Comforting Balaclava on Cool Days

A cool morning and you want you head feeling comfy? Use the Original Buff® to make full balaclava. A standard balaclava and you sweat. The Original Buff® doesn't warm you in this case. It just takes the bite off. A bit like instant Elephant skin. Full breath ability and a ... Read More
The landscape photo shows a middle aged man holding up his catch. He is wearing a Fishing High UV Buff® as scarf with the top covering his chin. The scenery looks like offshore fishing charter as the man wears tough leather gloves. Source: Unknown Copyright: Unknown

Cold Chin Eased Offshore Fishing

Out offshore and your chin feels to chilly? Just pull your High UV Buff® from a scarf up your chin like this guy. The photo was taken during a Nomad Sportfishing charter to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Tutorials Coming. Recommend Designs The High UV Buff® shown is the design ... Read More

Popular Buff® Products in Fishing

The most popular Buff® product in fishing is by far the High UV Buff®. It’s all about wearing a face mask in the heat that protects you from skin cancer in your face.

Apart from that you have the usual products for cold weather.

The Wool Buff® is popular for cold weather fishing. Trout / Salmon fishing in places like Tasmania.

I also have some great feedback about the Polar Buff® for winter /  fishing. Rock fishing around Sydney in winter is one example.

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