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How the Global Fishing Community uses Buff®

The nb. 1 use is the High UV Buff® as face mask for skin cancer protection. After that it’s keeping Sunburn, Windburn & Freezing winds of your head.

Best is to scroll through the gallery below and “Read More” what fits you the most. You will find the right product mentioned there.

A landscape front shot of a man holding up a large fish. The fish is in the centre of the frame and the man is standing to the right. He is admiring his catch and smiling. The weather looks sunny but cold. The man is wearing a cold weather jacket and a Auscam Original Buff® as scarf / half balaclava. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our website

Cold Ears Gone on Chilly Morning Fishing

It's cold. A great morning for lake fishing but cold. You've already got comfort around the neck. Now it's your ears that are cold. Just take your Original Buff® from scarf to half balaclava. Simply lift the back over your ears and let it rest on your back head. Now ... Read More
The photo shows a saltwater fisherman holding up a great catch. He is smiling at his catch. He is wearing a High UV Buff® and Angler Gloves. The scene looks hot & sunny. The man is wearing the High UV Buff® as a half balaclava. The face is entirely exposed. This and the shadows indicates that the sun is behind the man. Source: Copyright: Unknown. Distributed for the promotion of the HIgh UV Buff® in fishing.

Full Head Protection on the Ocean

Your neck gets burned and is hot. The sun is right in your back. You put your High UV Buff® on as a half balaclava. Now you've got cooling and skin cancer protection on your neck. Do you have a trucker cap with a mesh back? Be aware that you ... Read More
Side landscape shot of a fly fisherman on the water. He is wearing a long sleeved shirt and a High UV Buff® as scarf. The weather looks undecisive. It could be cool and warm within the hour. Source: Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in Fishing

All Weather Comfort on the Water

It's beautiful at the moment and you have no immediate need for your Buff®. Just wear it around your neck. That's what most do. This way it doesn't get stolen. It turns cold. You quickly fluff it up as a neck warmer. It turns hot. You easily fold it to ... Read More
A landscape photo of a person fly fishing on a lake. The person is standing on a boat wearing a Visor Buff® as full Balaclava. The day looks cool to cold. Full cloud cover and the person is wearing a fleece west. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our website

Comforting Balaclava on Cool Days

A cool morning and you want you head feeling comfy? Use the Original Buff® to make full balaclava. A standard balaclava and you sweat. The Original Buff® doesn't warm you in this case. It just takes the bite off. A bit like instant Elephant skin. Full breath ability and a ... Read More
The landscape photo shows a middle aged man holding up his catch. He is wearing a Fishing High UV Buff® as scarf with the top covering his chin. The scenery looks like offshore fishing charter as the man wears tough leather gloves. Source: Unknown Copyright: Unknown

Cold Chin Eased Offshore Fishing

Out offshore and your chin feels to chilly? Just pull your High UV Buff® from a scarf up your chin like this guy. The photo was taken during a Nomad Sportfishing charter to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Tutorials Coming. Recommend Designs The High UV Buff® shown is the design ... Read More
A frontal landscape shot of a fly fisherman standing up to his hips in water. The man is holding a large milkfish in his hands. He is wearing a High UV Buff® as face mask. Addional cap, long sleeve shirt and cap indicate that he wants total UV protection. Source: Copyright: ©2007 Pat Ford. Given to us for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in the fishing market

Skin Cancer Protection for the Face

Skin cancer protection for the face is the number 1 reason Fisho's wear a High UV Buff®. This image sums it all up. The sun hitting your face merciless all day. UPF20 adds extra skin cancer protection. Sun cream causing all sorts of skin issues after a while. UPF20 lets ... Read More
A frontal landscape shot of a woman holding up her catch. She is wearing a High UV Buff® as hair cover. The photo is taken in Far North Queensland so it is hot and humid. The boat is a professional fishing charter vessel. It looks as if she has been out fishing all day and is really happy about her catch. Source: Copyright: Permitted to use on our website

Salty, Bleached Hair on the Boat a Thing of the Past

The sun bleaching your hair? The saltwater spray making it tacky? Try the High UV Buff® as hair cover. This photo was taken in a hot & humid area. Around Weipa in far north Queensland. This is were the High UV Buff® excels. "Fish" from gave us this shot ... Read More

Popular Buff® Products in Fishing

The most popular Buff® product in fishing is by far the High UV Buff®. It’s all about wearing a face mask in the heat that protects you from skin cancer in your face.

Apart from that you have the usual products for cold weather.

The Wool Buff® is popular for cold weather fishing. Trout / Salmon fishing in places like Tasmania.

I also have some great feedback about the Polar Buff® for winter /  fishing. Rock fishing around Sydney in winter is one example.

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