Polar Buff® Guide

The Polar Buff® is designed for leisure fun in the snow.

It can be really warm.

The Polar Buff® In A Nutshell

Polar Buff® Guide
The Polar Buff® is a 74 cm (29 inch) long tube. It's a Original Buff® (yellow) with added Polartec 100™ fleece (blue). It stretches to fit adults with a head circumference of 53-62 cm.
  • A 74 cm long combination of Original Buff® tube & Polartec 100™ fleece
  • Designed to maintain body temperature in the cold
  • Popular in leisure skiing, snowboarding,…
  • Replaces 10 different types of head wear
  • Warmth – The fleece provides lots of warmth
  • Sweat – The microfibre keeps your skin dry
  • Kills Germs and Odour (Original Buff® part)
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 56 gr (1.98 oz)

How a Polar  Buff® is used

The idea is to put the fleece where you want the warmth. Use the Original Buff® part for wicking away sweat, breathability,…. Got a good image to share? Please get in touch.

A landscape shot of a freestyle snowboarder. The conditions are rough. Strong winds are blowing snow around. He is wearing two Polar Buff®. One as scarf & face mask combination. The other one as hat / beanie. Source: buff.eu. Distributed for the promotion of the Polar Buff®

Unfreeze your face with a scarf / face mask combination

You're high up on the slopes & the weather goes south. Good if you've got a Polar Buff® with you. This guy's got two with him. Use the fleece part to keep your neck warm. Pull the Original Buff® part up as a face mask. Here you've got a great ... Read More
A portrait shot of a man wearing a Polar Buff® as a balaclava. It looks cold and he has the face mask part on in 2 layers. It's also obvious that he has very little hair. Source: buff.eu. Distributed for the promotion of the Polar Buff®.

Full head protection from the cold as a Balaclava

You haven't got much hair & you haven't got anything for your head with you? In this case you just wear your Polar Buff® as Balaclava. Wearing a helmet & the chilly sweat is annoying you? Another reason to make a balaclava. What I like about this image is that ... Read More
A landscape side shot of a man wearing a Polar Buff® as hat / beanie. It looks like it's apres ski time in a ski resort. There are a lot of country flags displayed so I assume it is an international event. The man looks happy with slightly glassy eyes. He seems to be in his comfort zone.

A hat / beanie for Après-ski

Your off the piste, a bit exhausted and maybe even a little bit drunk already. The temperatures are going down. Nice to have a warm beanie on hand. The Polar Buff® can give you up to 6 layers of warmth around the ears and 2 layers on the head. You ... Read More
A landscape shot of a couple kissing. It is obvious that they are on ski holidays. She is wearing a Polar Buff® as scarf and a Neckwarmer Buff® as hat. He is wearing a Original Buff® as ear warmer. Source: buff.eu. Distributed for the promotion of Buff® products

Cosy warm winter holidays

Don't we all dream of this? Ski holidays with lots of love & snow. She definitely wants to be cosy warm. A Polar Buff® as scarf is super warm. It also keeps the chill from entering the jacket. A Neck Warmer Buff® as beanie keeps the head cosy warm. The ... Read More

Product Details

Want more details? Just post a comment and I will answer.

It is not for you if:

You sweat a lot even in the cold. You don’t need warmth.

The Original Buff® will suit you better

You prefer a loose fit. You don’t like fleece.

The Wool Buff® will suit you better.

You want wind proof as a feature.

Have a look at the Cyclone Buff®.

Polar Buff® Design Collection

Cashmere Black Polar Buff®
Knit Dark Navy Polar Buff®
Baxter Polar Buff®
Einar Blue Polar Buff®
Explorer Military Polar Buff®
Furry Cru Polar Buff®
Frost Blue Polar Buff®
Karlin Mardi Grape Polar Buff®
Misty Woods Brown Polar Buff®
Siggy Purple Polar Buff®
Tunniker Multi Polar Buff®
Snowflakes Polar Buff®

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