Unfreeze your face with a scarf / face mask combination

A landscape shot of a freestyle snowboarder. The conditions are rough. Strong winds are blowing snow around. He is wearing two Polar Buff®. One as scarf & face mask combination. The other one as hat / beanie. Source: buff.eu. Distributed for the promotion of the Polar Buff®
A Polar Buff® as face mask keeps the snow out of your face. The fleece keeps your neck wonderful warm.

You’re high up on the slopes & the weather goes south.

Good if you’ve got a Polar Buff® with you. This guy’s got two with him.

Use the fleece part to keep your neck warm.

Pull the Original Buff® part up as a face mask. Here you’ve got a great balance of chill protection & breathability. Who wants a frozen face :-).

In his case I would probably put a second layer of fabric over my chin. I like to be warm around the chin. The extra length of the Polar Buff® allows for this.

I find the 2nd Polar Buff® a bit of overkill. I would rather go for a Wool Buff® or a Original Buff® as a 2nd Buff®. This way you have more flexibility.


Coming. Please let me know if you’ve found a good one on the net.


For available Polar Buff® designs click here.

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Coming. Please let me know if you’ve found something similar on the net.

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