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This landscape selfie shows Roger Chao holding up the Australia Geographic Society Flag in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet. He is wearing specialist expedition gear. He later told me that he was wearing a Original Buff® as liner and he loved it. Soure: Roger Chao www.steppebysteppe.com.au © Permission to use on our websites

Expedition gear isn’t perfect. A Original Buff® a liner prevents rashes around neck and head. Also improves moisture management. (Roger Chao)

You’re heading into extreme cold.
Your gear is specialised survival gear.

As it turns out it’s not perfect. Welded, tough seems can cause rashes among other things.

That’s when you use the Original Buff® as a balaclava / liner around your neck / head. Here it resolves a few issues like:
-Wet, sweaty skin. Wicks moisture away from your skin and keeps it dry
-Any hard seams. Shows extreme resilience to abrasion. As it does not move over your skin it protects your skin from rashes.
-Bad odours. Polygiene™ technology keeps them away for quite some time.
-Bacteria / Mould: Polygiene™ technology makes it anti-bacterial for a lifetime

This photo shows Roger Chao on his unsupported traverse of the Greenland ice sheet. He is the youngest person to achieve this challenge.
I loved the Buff® but you can’t see it on any of his selfies. I asked him why and he replied that he used it as a balaclava / liner.




Roger had a National Geographic Collection Original Buff® with him.

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Source: Roger Chao

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A side shot landscape photo of two people walking in the desert. They are participants of the Marathon Des Sables. A man in the centre is wearing a Original Buff® as face mask. A woman in the back is wearing a Original Buff® as neck cooler. It looks as if it is the end of the race and everybody is tired. The woman in the back is looking weak. The man in font still seems to have energy left. The photo was taken in 2003. Today the correct product for this race is the High UV Buff®. Source: buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in outdoor / adventureA side landscape shot of a woman and a man hiking in a gorge. Both are wearing Original Buff® as neck cooler. The woman to the front right is looking over her left shoulder into the camera. The man in the background seems distracted. The scene looks warm. Both are wearing summer hiking gear. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in hiking / trekking