Buff® has 4 different type of fishing gloves. Angler, Water, MXS and Fighting Work

We offer the Glove Buff® in 4 variations. The Angler glove for universal fishing pleasure, the Water glove optimized for the heat, the MXS glove optimized for the cold and the fighting work glove for extra tough protection.


41.8% offFish Camo Angler Glove
37.6% offGlacier Blue Water Glove
37.6% offLight Grey Water Glove
37.6% offLight Sage Water Glove
41.8% offBillfish Fighting Work Glove
34.1% offBlack MXS Glove

Black MXS Glove

$50.00 $32.95
41.8% offSkoolin Sage Angler Glove
41.8% offGray Scale Fighting Work Glove