Helmet Liner

Hot & Sweaty under your helmet? The Buff® Professional Helmet Liner cools & wicks moisture. It makes wearing a helmet so much more comfortable in the heat.

Photomontage: A man wearing a Orange fluor Pro Helmet Liner Buff® underneath a bright yellow hard hat. To the left is a men working in a mine on heavy equipment. On the right is a man working on a construction site. All three men are wearing a Helmet Liner Buff® underneath their hard hat. Source: Buff® Denmark
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In Short

  • A 27 cm long knitted tube of Fast Wick Extra Plus fabric
  • Designed for more comfort wearing a helmet in the heat & sun
  • Heat – Excellent cooling
  • Sweat – Excellent wicking properties. Keeps the sweat out of your eyes.
  • Comfort – Ultra thin – Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Bad Odours – None. Needs quite some filth to start smelling
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Lasts several years of daily use
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 17 gr (0.6 oz)