Modacryl FR Buff®

Modacryl FR Buff®

Not allowed to wear normal Buff® at your workplace (mine, oil & gas)? The Modacryl FR Buff® is your choice. Fire Resistant and designed for working in the heat.

Modacryl FR Buff®
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The image shows a construction worker using a Dry Cool or a Modacryl FR Buff® as helmet liner. The man is working on lifting gear with heavy machinery in the background. A Buff® trademark logo is placed on the top left corner. Source:

Modacryl Fire Resistant Buff®

The Modacryl FR Buff® is for professionals in hot environments that require fire resistant clothing. It's for all Australians working in open cut mines and on oil & gas projects that are not allowed to wear the Dry Cool or the Coolnet UV+ Buff®.

Fire Resistant

PPE under the standards according to EN ISO 11612/15


Antistatic according to UNE EN 1149-5/08


Draws sweat away from your skin to aid in heat-relief

Quick Drying

Dries quickly

In Short

  • A 54 cm long, knitted tube of Modacryl (69%), Fire Resistant Viscose (28%), and Antistatic Fiber (3%)
  • Designed as fire resistant PPE for high impact work in the heat
  • Popular use as face mask, scarf, balaclava or helmet liner
  • Certified as Personal Protective Equipment (CE Cat II EN ISO 13688/13, EN1149-5/08, EN ISO 11612-15 A1, B1, C1, X, F1)
  • Chill Protection – Can keep the chill away
  • Ultra thin – Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm