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Popular Buff® Products in Motorcycling

The most popular Buff® products in outdoor & adventure are the Original Buff®, the High UV Buff®, and the Wool Buff®.

The Original Buff® is the most popular product with its all year / all weather performance.

Collage of an Original Buff® used in Motorcycling, Jogging, Marathon des Sables, the desert, in the snow, snowboarding

Most of the time hot & sweaty under your helmet? The Coolnet UV+ Buff® is then your choice.

Most of the time cold? The Wool Buff® adds more warmth than the Original and closes up any gap between jacket and helmet.

Really cold around the neck? The Polar Buff® is another step up in warmth with Polartec™ fleece.

Super Cold? The Windproof Buff® is the warmest in the range.

How the Global Motorcycle Community uses Buff®

Bugs in your mouth & jacket, sunburned face, gunky & smelly helmets,…

Motorbikers all over the world were the first to use Buff’s technical features to enhance their riding pleasure.

Best is to flip through the gallery below and “Read More” what fits you the most. You will find the suitable product for the image here.

A landscape upper body shot of a bearded man looking straight into the camera. He sports a long beard, dark sunglasses & a Eureka Flag Original Buff®. He wears the Buff® as a bandana / pirate cap with the Eureka flag prominently on his forehead. He clearly identifies as a biker on a motorbike event. The photo was taken on the 2010 Wheel Babes Meeting in Ballina, NSW, Australia. The man was helping out as volunteer. Source: Edward Copyright: ©2010 Buff Downunder Pty Ltd

Make a Statement

You’d like to show people who you are and what you stand for. Some Buff® designs are statements. Wear them prominently. Wear them proud. This photo was taken at the annual Wheel Babes meeting in

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  1. David Beacham

    Do you do neck buffs for motorcycle riders with custom printing

    1. Yes, David,

      They are called custom projects and the minimum run is 25 pcs as they are sublimation printed. Expect a price around retail price all inclusive. Starting from around 100 pcs you get a price that is around the wholesale price.

      All the brand projects like the Triumph or the Honda or the KTM projects were printed in the 1000’s so that’s a different price again.

      These projects come with artwork and everything including shipping to your doorsteps. As a rule of thumb you can expect around 8 weeks from start to delivery. 2 weeks is often spent on the artwork and finalising the design. 2 weeks for manufacturing. Shipping is then between 2 and 4 weeks as Australian customs can be a real bottleneck.

      Best is to send us an email with logo, product and desired print run and we can tell you more. If you are not sure which product you want/need, we are happy to advice you.



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