Cold Chin Eased on Motorcycle Tour

A side landscape shot of a man sitting on his touring motorcycle. It is the Norwegian Buff® distributor on a tour through Norway. He wear full motorycle touring gear and a blue Original Buff®. Look closer and you can see the Buff® as scarf around the neck with the top pulled up over the chin. The weather looks like Norwegian Summer. Nice but on the cooler side. Source: Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in motocycle touring

Cold chin on your tour? Just pull your Original Buff® over your chin.

You’re on tour and your chin starts getting cold.
Just pull your Original Buff® a bit up.
It doesn’t have to stop at the chin. You decide. That’s the beauty of tubular headwear.

It’s just the cold bite that lowers your joy. A fleece would be to warm and make you sweat.
That’s were the Original Buff® exceeds. It bridges the gap between nothing (to cool) and a standard neck warmer (to warm).

The photo was taken in 2007 during a motorcycle tour of Norway. It shows the Norwegian distributor.
Today I would advice to go for the Wool Buff® if you ride in predominantly cool to cold environments. It has more length. This allows for more layers & warmth were you need them.




Blue is a very good colour for all environments. That’s why there are quite a lot of blue designs in the collection.

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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A frontal shot portrait photo of a man on a vintage motorbike. The man is wearing a leather bike trouser and a white singlet. Has a one High UV Buff® as wristband on and one High UV Buff® as face mask. He is also wearing an open face motorbike helmet and vintage motorcycle goggles over the helmet. The background looks hot & dusty. Source: Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in the motorcyclingFrontal shot landscape photo of 2 motorcycle rallye bikers. It shows Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms before the 6th etape of the 2007 Dakar Rally. They are both smiling into the camera. Interesting is the use of a High UV Buff® together with a neck brace. Look closer and you see the Buff® wrapping around the brace collar. That prevents rashes and keeps the sand out. It looks dusty and sandy in the background. Source: Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in motorcycle rallies