Thermal Hat

Cold on site? The Buff® Professional Thermal Hat just takes the chill away without causing a sweat. It is thin enough to fit comfortably under your hard hat

Photo of a male construction worker wearing a Buff® Professional Thermal Hat under his hard hat. The colours indicate that it is cold on site. In the background you can see a multi story development in it's raw concrete state. Source:
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In Short

  • A 2-layered beanie made out of Thermolite®
  • Popular for working on cold construction sites, in cold rooms
  • Chill Protection – Fills the gap between nothing & too warm
  • Sweat – Optimised for wicking & keeping your skin dry
  • Bad Odour – None. Premium Polygiene™ technology means it needs a lot of filth to even start smelling
  • Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Kills Germs for a lifetime so can be worn in sterile environments
  • Free of Irritating & Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Lasts several years of daily use
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference of 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 38 gr (1.34 oz)