A warm scarf on your weekend hike

It’s a wonderful winter day. You’re out in the country site for a hike. The Wool Buff® as a scarf is one of the most popular ways to wear here. As you can see on the picture it: fits snug around your neck goes into every nook & cranny to leave no skin exposed The […]

Cosy warm winter holidays

Don’t we all dream of this? Ski holidays with lots of love & snow. She definitely wants to be cosy warm. A Polar Buff® as scarf is super warm. It also keeps the chill from entering the jacket. A Neck Warmer Buff® as beanie keeps the head cosy warm. The two together are great if […]

Comfort Scarf for Adventurous Women

The number 1 use on adventures. A comfort scarf if you’re a little bit out of your comfort zone. In this case the scarf also: Seals the motorcycle collar Keeps the bugs out Takes the bite of cool air The image shows the AmazonHeart group on their first UK ride in 2005. They are outside […]

Stabilise a Broken Arm with a Sling

Great idea. Kelly submitted this photo to our FB page link One of the many ways to make use of a Buff®. For an adult it would need a Infinity Buff® to achieve this by the way. Original or High UV Buff® would be too small. But I guess there is a solution out there […]

A Comforting Scarf on your Adventures

You’re out of your comfort zone exploring the world. Nice to have a comforting scarf with you. The Wool Buff® is super comfortable and a favourite among globetrotters. It doesn’t matter if your discovering the world on your motorbike, your bicycle or hitch-hiking. Pictured is Danielle Murdoch of motormonkeyadventures.com fame. She travelled from Australia over […]

Sweaty Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

So your helmet is gunky and smells. It takes hours to clean and yet the smell comes back. Next time you clean it use a anti-bacterial treatment like Polygiene. Then use a Buff® to keep it that way. A Buff® is anti-bacterial for life and kills germs. The source of the smell. Buff® uses Polygiene™.  […]

Skin Cancer Protection for the Face

Skin cancer protection for the face is the number 1 reason Fisho’s wear a High UV Buff®. This image sums it all up. The sun hitting your face merciless all day. UPF20 adds extra skin cancer protection. Sun cream causing all sorts of skin issues after a while. UPF20 lets your reduce it. Then the […]

Unfreeze your face with a scarf / face mask combination

You’re high up on the slopes & the weather goes south. Good if you’ve got a Polar Buff® with you. This guy’s got two with him. Use the fleece part to keep your neck warm. Pull the Original Buff® part up as a face mask. Here you’ve got a great balance of chill protection & […]

Seals Off the Weak Link of Extreme Cold Overalls

Michael arriving at Scott Base, Antarctica. He send us this image because we couldn’t believe that the Original Buff® does something good in extreme cold. Turns out it’s great to seal off the jacket collar. The same reason motor bikers love it. Cold wind gets through every nook & cranny. Especially if you have a […]

Heat Relief on a Hiking Trip

It’s warm, it’s stuffy. You are trekking and wouldn’t mind some heat relief. Just wear the Original Buff® loose around your neck as neck cooler. Make it a bit moist to enhance the effect. This is way better than having to sweat. If it’s not humid the Original Buff® does a great job. If you’ve […]

Fend off biting wind chill with a Wool Buff® face mask

This is were tubes rock. It’s around your neck & your cheeks are freezing. A simple pull up your face and you have a face mask. The Wool Buff® has the loosest fit of all tubes. It’s also the longest. This gives you lots of layers to go from chill protection up to really warm. […]

Full head protection from the cold as a Balaclava

You haven’t got much hair & you haven’t got anything for your head with you? In this case you just wear your Polar Buff® as Balaclava. Wearing a helmet & the chilly sweat is annoying you? Another reason to make a balaclava. What I like about this image is that it shows the Original Buff® […]

Rash Free Expeditions

You’re heading into extreme cold.Your gear is specialised survival gear. As it turns out it’s not perfect. Welded, tough seems can cause rashes among other things. That’s when you use the Original Buff® as a balaclava / liner around your neck / head. Here it resolves a few issues like:-Wet, sweaty skin. Wicks moisture away […]

Prevents Rashes of a Motorcycle Brace

You ride in a dusty & hot environment. You don’t want to break your neck. So you are wearing a neck brace. Unfortunately sand and sweat gets in and the brace start giving you a nasty rash. That’s what Marc and Jordi experienced on their rallies. They solved it by wrapping the end of their […]

A hat / beanie for Après-ski

Your off the piste, a bit exhausted and maybe even a little bit drunk already. The temperatures are going down. Nice to have a warm beanie on hand. The Polar Buff® can give you up to 6 layers of warmth around the ears and 2 layers on the head. You decide how warm you want […]

Stops Swallowing Bugs in your Sleep

So you fear swallowing spiders or scorpions in your sleep. Just wear your Original Buff® as shown in the picture. I recommend the Original Buff® for this as the High UV Buff® is a little bit too restrictive for my liking. The Original Buff® manages to: stay fully breathable gives you more warmth on cold […]

Skin Cancer & Bug Protection for Open Face Helmets

The sun is hitting your face and you have to keep your lips tight to keep the bugs out. This wasn’t the experience you were hoping for. Just take your High UV Buff® and wear it as face mask. Instant bliss. Sunburned face? Gone with UPF 20 UV protection Normal bandannas get soggy with your […]

Sweaty, Cold Necks gone in XC Skiing

It’s cold & you are sweating. Pretty standard situation in XC ski races. The Original Buff® can fix this. Here we have Ben Sim wearing the Original Buff® as neck warmer. Ben is a member of the 2008/09 Australian National Team. He is somewhere in Europe (Looks like 2009 Davos World Cup). The photo was […]

Warm Head While Sleeping in the Cold

So you’re spending the night out and about & it’s cold enough to snow. Even in a tent a comfortable sleep can be a challenge. If you don’t have your head covered you loose quite some heat there. It takes a bigger sleeping bag with hood to keep you in the comfort zone. A Original […]

Comfort on a Snowy Photography Trip

A bite in the air and you are active in the cold. You know that if you put a normal beanie or your hood on you’re going to sweat. This is where the Original Buff® as beanie excels. It doesn’t make you sweat. It just keeps the chill away. It’s my favourite application as soon […]

No Helmet Hair for Professional Bikers

Looking like a broom after taking your helmet off? Just put your Original Buff® as hair cover over your head. It will come out looking like Kath’s on the image. Kath is a motorcycle driving instructor, drag racer, postie biker and loves riding her Harley on days off. She was the first to give us […]

A Beanie on top of the mountain

You’ve made it to the top of the mountain. You’re so happy. But you’re also exhausted & sweaty. Now that you’re standing on the peak you’re exposed to the winds & cooling down. Great to have a Wool Buff® as a beanie. The Merino Wool wicks the sweat away & up to 4 layers can […]

Cold Chin Eased on Motorcycle Tour

You’re on tour and your chin starts getting cold. Just pull your Original Buff® a bit up. It doesn’t have to stop at the chin. You decide. That’s the beauty of tubular headwear. It’s just the cold bite that lowers your joy. A fleece would be to warm and make you sweat. That’s were the […]

Celebrating the Successful End of a Cycle Tour

Nothing beats the successful end of an adventure. It was Rian & Dylan’s first adventure. First time on a bicycle tour. First time in Indonesia. They made a great video. You’ll find it on eatsleepsurf.com.au. We equipped them with Original Buff®, Cap Buff® and Buff® cycling jerseys. Nice to see that they are wearing both […]

Heat Relief as Neck Cooler

It’s hot and you need some heat relief. One way is to provide your back neck with some wet cooling. You can make your Original Buff® in a neck cooler to achieve this. The photo was taken during the 2005 Marathon des Sables. At that time the Original Buff® was the best cooling tube available. […]

Stopping the Cold Biting on Night Commutes

It’s dark and the chill is biting during your daily commute. This is were the Original Buff® as face mask shines. It has just the right thickness to take the cold bite off. No sweating as it doesn’t warm you in one layer. It has the right density to allow heavy breathing. No effort breathing […]

Keeping Sweat out of your eyes in the heat of the XC RACE

The image shows John from Kenmore Cycles during the 2004 Kooralbyne 24 hr MTB XC race. He is wearing a Original Buff® as legionnaire cap under his helmet. This keeps the sweat out of his eyes and gives heat relief. Today the High UV Buff® would be your preferred product for this situation. The High […]

Heat Relief for Long Hair

It’s hot & you’ve got long hair. Especially your neck starts sweating. Here you use the High UV Buff® as headband / alice band. You pull the back up to get your hair off your neck. You pull the front down to cover your eyebrows. This way you keep sweat out of your eyes. The […]

Easing Bitumen Heat & Sun during Crocodile Trophy

A grueling hot race day on Bitumen? The sun hits you in the neck? The High UV Buff® as legionnaire style cap eases the pain. Sweat running into your eyes is diverted into cooling. Just pull the helmet liner part all the way down to your eyebrows. The hot back neck is cooled using airflow […]

Sweat & Chill Reduced on Highlands Cycle Tour

Cycling in highlands you find this bad combination of the sun warming you and the wind chilling you. Add sweating and the resulting chill ruins your experience. This chill is tamed with a Buff®. Rian uses the layer method. In 2 layers the fabric acts like a wetsuit when wet. The sweat is “trapped” between […]

Cold Wind Protection for the Hair-less

High up in the mountains. You didn’t expect cold and all of the sudden you’re in the clouds. Great if you’ve got a big beard and long hair to keep you in the comfort zone. If not you can put your Original Buff® to good use. Simply wear it as full Balaclava. Gives you a […]

All Weather Comfort on the Water

It’s beautiful at the moment and you have no immediate need for your Buff®. Just wear it around your neck. That’s what most do. This way it doesn’t get stolen. It turns cold. You quickly fluff it up as a neck warmer. It turns hot. You easily fold it to a neck cooler. This image […]

Free Up Both Hands in the Dark

You arrive at your camp site in the dark. You need light and you’ve only got a hand torch. Just wrap your Original Buff® up in many layers to make it very firm. On as headband and the torch tucked in. You’ve got both hands free again. This is one of many things you can […]

Full Head Protection on the Ocean

Your neck gets burned and is hot. The sun is right in your back. You put your High UV Buff® on as a half balaclava. Now you’ve got cooling and skin cancer protection on your neck. Do you have a trucker cap with a mesh back? Be aware that you have no UV protection there. […]

Cold Ears Warmed on Early Morning Race

It’s freezing cold. The race is about to start. The Original Buff® as ear warmer gets you back into the comfort zone. Normal ear warmers are too bulky under the helmet. The Original Buff® molds itself around all nooks and crannies. Once the race starts normal ear warmers are too warm. You can adjust the […]

Cold Chin Eased Offshore Fishing

Out offshore and your chin feels to chilly? Just pull your High UV Buff® from a scarf up your chin like this guy. The photo was taken during a Nomad Sportfishing charter to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Tutorials Coming. Recommend Designs The High UV Buff® shown is the design Fishing. We made it specifically […]

Salty, Bleached Hair on the Boat a Thing of the Past

The sun bleaching your hair? The saltwater spray making it tacky? Try the High UV Buff® as hair cover. This photo was taken in a hot & humid area. Around Weipa in far north Queensland. This is were the High UV Buff® excels. “Fish” from weipaflyfish.com.au gave us this shot. He was the first fishing […]

A Comforting Headband before a Tour De France Stage

The morning before a gruelling road cycle race. You want some comfort and relax. The Original Buff® gives you comfort where you want it. In this case as headband. Cyril Dessel isn’t covering his ears so I assume that it’s not cold any more. My guess is that it was cold and it got warmer. […]

Wet Hair Tamed & Dried in Triathlons

Your coming out of the water. Your hair is wet and your about to go for the cycle part. You would love to: have you hair out of your face & tamed keep water from dripping in your eyes dry your hair in a nice way Why not put your hair from the beginning into […]

Taming Helmet Hair After the XC Race

So you didn’t wear your Buff® under the helmet and now you’ve got helmet hair. At least you can tame it with a Original Buff® as alice band. This is a classing example of not using your Buff® to it’s full capabilities. Tory probably didn’t know that the Original Buff® eliminates helmet hair with straight […]

A Wristband

You don’t really have a use for your Buff® at the moment. Why not wear it as wristband. This way nobody can nick it. Tutorials Coming. Recommended Product The Buff® shown is a High UV Buff® in a camo pattern. Here are all available High UV Buff® designs. Related Articles Coming. Image Details Photographer: Unknown. […]

Chill Free Sweating on Mountain Climbs

Sweating in the cold? On top of this you have a cold wind blowing. The sweat and wind together produces a icy chill. Who hasn’t experienced this when climbing up a mountain and there’s snow lying around. The Original Buff® as beanie manages to keep the chill away with a minimum of warmth. A normal […]

Cold Ears Gone on Chilly Morning Fishing

It’s cold. A great morning for lake fishing but cold. You’ve already got comfort around the neck. Now it’s your ears that are cold. Just take your Original Buff® from scarf to half balaclava. Simply lift the back over your ears and let it rest on your back head. Now you’ve also secured your cap […]

Comforting Balaclava on Cool Days

A cool morning and you want you head feeling comfy? Use the Original Buff® to make full balaclava. A standard balaclava and you sweat. The Original Buff® doesn’t warm you in this case. It just takes the bite off. A bit like instant Elephant skin. Full breath ability and a feel for the weather. Just […]

Helmet Hair & Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

Have a helmet on for some time and it starts smelling. Ever tried to get the pads out in order to clean the gunk that builds up? The Original Buff® gets rid of Gunk and bad odour. It is anti-odour for a lifetime. The technology applied is called Polygiene™. It’s hospital grade technology and the […]

Make a Statement

You’d like to show people who you are and what you stand for. Some Buff® designs are statements. Wear them prominently. Wear them proud. This photo was taken at the annual Wheel Babes meeting in Ballina, NSW, Australia. It’s a women’s only event. The biker shown was the partner of one of the organisers. We […]

Tame Long Hair Underwater

Your diving and your long hair is floating in your face. A neoprene cap isn’t the solution with it’s tight fit. Why not use your Original Buff® as hair cover. It: feels good even when wet keeps your hair nice & tidy What makes this possible is the extremely good moisture management. The better a […]

Heat, Sun & Sand Protection in the Marathon Des Sables

A desert is super hot & dry. On top there is no shade from the sun relentlessly frying you. Add some possible sandstorm and you get a feel what a desert marathon puts up on challenges. Participants of the Marathon Des Sables have been using the Original & the High UV Buff® to cope with […]

Sun & Extreme Heat Feel so much Better with a Cooling Face mask

This picture was taken during the 2003 Marathon Des Sables. It clearly shows that a Buff® can be used in extreme heat and sun to protect your face. Even for sports. The participant is actually wearing the Original Buff®. At that time the High UV Buff® didn’t exist. It shows you how good the cooling […]

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