A Wristband

Man driving a car. Photo is taken from behind. It shows the left arm holding the steering wheel. A High Uv Buff® as wristband is the main element. Photoshoot for Buff® summer catalogue with models. © Original Buff S.A

Wristband. One of the many ways to stop loosing it.

You don’t really have a use for your Buff® at the moment.

Why not wear it as wristband. This way nobody can nick it.



Recommended Product

The Buff® shown is a High UV Buff® in a camo pattern. Here are all available High UV Buff® designs.

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Image Details

Photographer: Unknown. Photoshoot for the summer 2006 Buff® catalogue
Location: Somewhere in Spain
Date taken: 30/09/2005
Source: buff.eu
Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff®

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A landscape shot of a person lying on the ground in a sleeping bag. His entire head is covered with a Original Buff®. Another person is kneeling beside his head. He has put sunglasses on the sleeping persons face and is holding up the MDS event number 552. The photo was shot during the 2004 Marathon Des Sables. This is one way how to keept spiders and scorpions out during your sleep. Source: buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff®A front landscape shot of a man standing on an ice field in front of a large military supply air craft. The back loading dock is open and people are moving around the plane. It is the runway of the Scott Base in Antarctica. The man is wearing a one piece down overall with a fur hood. Around his neck is a Original Buff® as scarf. Source: Michael Nottage © permission to use on our website