A Wristband

Man driving a car. Photo is taken from behind. It shows the left arm holding the steering wheel. A High Uv Buff® as wristband is the main element. Photoshoot for Buff® summer catalogue with models. © Original Buff S.A
Wristband. One of the many ways to stop loosing it.

You don’t really have a use for your Buff® at the moment.

Why not wear it as wristband. This way nobody can nick it.



Recommended Product

The Buff® shown is a Buff® Coolnet® in a camo pattern. Here are all available High UV Buff® designs.

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Image Details

Photographer: Unknown. Photoshoot for the summer 2006 Buff® catalogue
Location: Somewhere in Spain
Date taken: 30/09/2005
Source: buff.eu
Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff®

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