All Weather Comfort on the Water

Side landscape shot of a fly fisherman on the water. He is wearing a long sleeved shirt and a High UV Buff® as scarf. The weather looks undecisive. It could be cool and warm within the hour. Source: Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in Fishing

Out in the weather all day? The High UV Buff® as scarf gives comfort and doesn’t get nicked

It’s beautiful at the moment and you have no immediate need for your Buff®. Just wear it around your neck. That’s what most do. This way it doesn’t get stolen.

It turns cold. You quickly fluff it up as a neck warmer.
It turns hot. You easily fold it to a neck cooler.

This image also shows the Water Gloves. These gloves are engineered to be comfortable & provide grip when wet. Your choice if your hands go into the water quite ofte



Recommend Designs

The design pictured is out of the angler collection.

For all available High UV Buff® designs click here.

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A landscape front shot of a man holding up a large fish. The fish is in the centre of the frame and the man is standing to the right. He is admiring his catch and smiling. The weather looks sunny but cold. The man is wearing a cold weather jacket and a Auscam Original Buff® as scarf / half balaclava. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our websiteA frontal landscape shot of a fly fisherman standing up to his hips in water. The man is holding a large milkfish in his hands. He is wearing a High UV Buff® as face mask. Addional cap, long sleeve shirt and cap indicate that he wants total UV protection. Source: Copyright: ©2007 Pat Ford. Given to us for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in the fishing market