Full Head Protection on the Ocean

The photo shows a saltwater fisherman holding up a great catch. He is smiling at his catch. He is wearing a High UV Buff® and Angler Gloves. The scene looks hot & sunny. The man is wearing the High UV Buff® as a half balaclava. The face is entirely exposed. This and the shadows indicates that the sun is behind the man. Source: buff.eu Copyright: Unknown. Distributed for the promotion of the HIgh UV Buff® in fishing.

Got the sun & heat hitting your back? The High UV Buff® as half balaclava gives you heat relief & sun protection.

Your neck gets burned and is hot. The sun is right in your back. You put your High UV Buff® on as a half balaclava. Now you’ve got cooling and skin cancer protection on your neck.

Do you have a trucker cap with a mesh back? Be aware that you have no UV protection there. I would normally wear the Buff® over the cap to keep it in place. In this case having the Buff® underneath gives UV protection and more comfort.

Also pictured is the Angler Glove. Specifically designed for fishing with designs that match your Buff®.



Recommend Designs

The design shown is out of the Angler collection.

For all available High UV Buff® designs click here.

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Source: buff.eu
Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of Buff® products in fishing

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The landscape photo shows a middle aged man holding up his catch. He is wearing a Fishing High UV Buff® as scarf with the top covering his chin. The scenery looks like offshore fishing charter as the man wears tough leather gloves. Source: Unknown Copyright: UnknownA landscape front shot of a man holding up a large fish. The fish is in the centre of the frame and the man is standing to the right. He is admiring his catch and smiling. The weather looks sunny but cold. The man is wearing a cold weather jacket and a Auscam Original Buff® as scarf / half balaclava. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our website