Full Head Protection on the Ocean

The photo shows a saltwater fisherman holding up a great catch. He is smiling at his catch. He is wearing a High UV Buff® and Angler Gloves. The scene looks hot & sunny. The man is wearing the High UV Buff® as a half balaclava. The face is entirely exposed. This and the shadows indicates that the sun is behind the man. Source: buff.eu Copyright: Unknown. Distributed for the promotion of the HIgh UV Buff® in fishing.
Got the sun & heat hitting your back? The Buff® Coolnet® as half balaclava gives you heat relief & sun protection.

Your neck gets burned and is hot. The sun is right in your back. You put your Buff® Coolnet® on as a half balaclava. Now you’ve got cooling and skin cancer protection on your neck.

Do you have a trucker cap with a mesh back? Be aware that you have no UV protection there. I would normally wear the Buff® over the cap to keep it in place. In this case, having the Buff® underneath gives UV protection and more comfort.

Also pictured is the Angler Glove. Specifically designed for fishing with designs that match your Buff®.



Recommend Designs

The design shown is out of the Angler collection.

For all available Buff® Coolnet® designs, click here.

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Source: buff.eu
Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of Buff® products in fishing

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