Easing Bitumen Heat & Sun during Crocodile Trophy

A vertical photo of a male riding a XC mountain bike in the centre of a bitumen road. The rider is wearing a red & blue Simplon team jersey and cycle shorts. Under his white mtb helmet you can spot the Crocodile Trophy High UV Buff®. He is wearing it as a legionnaire cap covering his head and his back neck. The speed is fast paced and the surroundings looks like the can fields north of Port Douglas in North Queensland. Source: Crocodile Trohpy Photographer unknown Copyright: Unknown. We received this low-res images as "Thank-You" for providing the High UV Buff®
Bitumen Heat and Sun hammering you? The High UV Buff® as legionnaire cap gives relief.

A grueling hot race day on Bitumen? The sun hits you in the neck?
The High UV Buff® as legionnaire style cap eases the pain.

Sweat running into your eyes is diverted into cooling. Just pull the helmet liner part all the way down to your eyebrows.

The hot back neck is cooled using airflow and your sweat.

Good skin cancer protection on neck and head is provided with the 95% UV blockage of the fabric.

We don’t know the rider shown. He is a participant of the 2005 Crocodile Trophy. One of the toughest and hottest MTB challenges on earth.

We provided all participants with the first ever High UV Buff® custom design. We wanted to see how it would perform in the hot & humid environment. It did a great job and is in use to this day (2016).



Recommend Designs

The Crododile Trophy design is a black & orange design. Dark colours are great for cooling under a helmet.

For all available High UV Buff® designs click here.

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Source: Crocodile Trophy Photographer unknown
Copyright: Received this low-res images as “Thank-You” for providing the High UV Buff®.

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