A Beanie on top of the mountain

A landscape selfie showing a young man and woman smiling in the camera. They are sitting on top of a mountain peak. Their faces reveal exhaustion and happiness. They are both wearing Wool Buff® as beanies. Source: Gettingnowhere.net © Permission to use on our websites

Finally made it to the top. Keep your head warm with the Wool Buff® as Beanie. (gettingnowhere.net)

You’ve made it to the top of the mountain. You’re so happy. But you’re also exhausted & sweaty.

Now that you’re standing on the peak you’re exposed to the winds & cooling down.

Great to have a Wool Buff® as a beanie.

The Merino Wool wicks the sweat away & up to 4 layers can keep you pretty warm.

I don’t know where Anna & Matt from gettingnowhere.net took this picture. I love it because it so shows why you cycle & climb up mountains. Nothing beats that feeling to make it to the top.




The designs pictured are solid colours.

For all available Wool Buff® designs click here.

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A landscape side shot of a man wearing a Polar Buff® as hat / beanie. It looks like it's apres ski time in a ski resort. There are a lot of country flags displayed so I assume it is an international event. The man looks happy with slightly glassy eyes. He seems to be in his comfort zone.A landscape frontal shot of a young man & woman in the woods. They seem to be on a day trip outdoor. It looks like a standard European winter day without rain. Both are wearing premium outdoor jackets and Wool Buff® around their neck. Source buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the Wool Buff®