Heat Relief for Long Hair

A side landscape shot of a woman and a man in front of a 4WD. The woman is wearing a High Uv Buff® as alice band. The man is wearing a Cap Buff®. It looks as if they are travelling and on an adventure. Photoshoot for Buff® summer catalogue with models. Source: buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in outdoor / adventure
Long hair and it’s warm. A Buff® Coolnet UV® as single layer on the forehead and the hair off the neck makes it pleasant again

It’s hot & you’ve got long hair. Especially your neck starts sweating.

Here you use the Buff® Coolnet UV® as headband / alice band. You pull the back up to get your hair off your neck. You pull the front down to cover your eyebrows. This way you keep sweat out of your eyes.
The Buff® Coolnet UV® fabric now takes your sweat to cool you. Your neck stays dry.

If you’re alone in the wilderness I recommend pulling the Buff® Coolnet UV® over your entire hair like a hair cover. This way it protects your hair from bleaching or drying out.

This photo is part of a photo shoot for the 2006 Buff® summer catalogue. I like it because it shows the Buff® Coolnet UV® correctly worn for cooling. No air pockets to be seen.
Uncovering the ears would improve the cooling, though.



Recommend Designs

The design pictured is camo inspired. I wouldn’t go lighter if you’re after the cooling effect. Light colours have a slightly reduced cooling performance.

For all available Buff® Coolnet UV® designs click here.

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Source: buff.eu

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