Sun & Extreme Heat Feel so much Better with a Cooling Face mask

A side shot landscape photo of two people walking in the desert. They are participants of the Marathon Des Sables. A man in the centre is wearing a Original Buff® as face mask. A woman in the back is wearing a Original Buff® as neck cooler. It looks as if it is the end of the race and everybody is tired. The woman in the back is looking weak. The man in font still seems to have energy left. The photo was taken in 2003. Today the correct product for this race is the High UV Buff®. Source: © Distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in outdoor / adventure

This picture was taken during the 2003 Marathon Des Sables. It clearly shows that a Buff® Original can be used in extreme heat and sun to protect your face, even for sports.

The participant is wearing the Buff® Original. At that time, the Buff® Coolnet® didn’t exist. It shows you how good the cooling ability of the Buff® Original is.

Today the best product for this situation is the Buff® Coolnet®. The fabric is among the highest cooling in the world.

Recommended designs for extreme heat

It may sound weird but dark colours give you the best cooling and UV protection in extreme heat. Stay away from very light colours. The Buff® shown in the image is a custom Buff® made for the event.

To view the Buff® Coolnet designs click here.

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Image Details

Photographer: Unknown
Location: Somewhere in the Moroccan desert
Date taken: 2003
Copyright: Distributed for the promotion of the Original & High UV Buff®.

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