Cold Chin Eased Offshore Fishing

The landscape photo shows a middle aged man holding up his catch. He is wearing a Fishing High UV Buff® as scarf with the top covering his chin. The scenery looks like offshore fishing charter as the man wears tough leather gloves. Source: Unknown Copyright: Unknown
Got a cold chin? Just pull the High UV Buff® as scarf over your chin. Takes the bite of the chill. (Nomadsportfishing)

Out offshore and your chin feels to chilly? Just pull your High UV Buff® from a scarf up your chin like this guy.

The photo was taken during a Nomad Sportfishing charter to the outer Great Barrier Reef.



Recommend Designs

The High UV Buff® shown is the design Fishing. We made it specifically to have a good UV absorption. As it turns out the Australia Flag blue is one of the highest UV absorbing colours.

For all available High UV Buff® designs click here.

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