Comfort on a Snowy Photography Trip

A side shot landscape photo of a man knealing in the snow. It looks like he is on a photo safari or researching wildlife. He is wearing a yellow cold weather ourtdoor jacket. He is also wearing a Original Buff® as beanie. The design is clearly recognisable as a National Geographing Collection design. Source: © Distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in outdoor / adventure
Not cold enough for the hood? The Original Buff® as beanie nails the comfort zone between nothing and too warm.

A bite in the air and you are active in the cold. You know that if you put a normal beanie or your hood on you’re going to sweat.

This is where the Original Buff® as beanie excels. It doesn’t make you sweat. It just keeps the chill away.

It’s my favourite application as soon as it gets cool.

Additionally a Original Buff® as beanie is:
-Itch free. Even when wet

The Buff® in the picture is out of the National Geographic collection. We received for the promotion of the National Geographic collection. No details are known.




Pictured is a design out of the National Geographic Collection.

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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