Cosy warm winter holidays

A landscape shot of a couple kissing. It is obvious that they are on ski holidays. She is wearing a Polar Buff® as scarf and a Neckwarmer Buff® as hat. He is wearing a Original Buff® as ear warmer. Source: Distributed for the promotion of Buff® products
Polar Buff® & Neck Warmer Buff® keep you cosy warm. The Original Buff® he is wearing is more for chill protection.

Don’t we all dream of this? Ski holidays with lots of love & snow.

She definitely wants to be cosy warm.

A Polar Buff® as scarf is super warm. It also keeps the chill from entering the jacket.

The two together are great if you’re not moving much or you hate the cold.

He seems to be more on the sporty side. Very energetic skiers & snowboarders are happy with just the Original Buff®. All they need is chill protection and wicking the sweat away. The Original Buff® excels here.


Neckwarmer: It’s easy to pull the merino tube over your head. This tutorial shows you how to make it really warm. I used a BUFF® Original to demonstrate the technique.

Play Video about A thumbnail of Youtube Video

Earwarmer: Wearing a BUFF® Original as earwarmer is different to wearing it as a headband. Below I explain the difference.

Play Video about screenshot of the BUFF® ear warmer tutorial on youtube


The BUFF® Polar designs come in a wide range of design.

For more information on the BUFF® Polar please visit the BUFF® Polar Guide.

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