Comforting Balaclava on Cool Days

A landscape photo of a person fly fishing on a lake. The person is standing on a boat wearing a Visor Buff® as full Balaclava. The day looks cool to cold. Full cloud cover and the person is wearing a fleece west. Source: Testimonial Copyright: Permission to use on our website

A little bit too cool for your liking? A Original Buff® as full Balaclava gives you comfort.

A cool morning and you want you head feeling comfy? Use the Original Buff® to make full balaclava.

A standard balaclava and you sweat. The Original Buff® doesn’t warm you in this case. It just takes the bite off.
A bit like instant Elephant skin. Full breath ability and a feel for the weather. Just without the bite.

The person is actually wearing the first Visor Buff® version. I don’t know how he dealt with the visor flapping around. It must have been annoying but the comfort probably outweighed that little inconvenience.




I recommend a dark coloured Original Buff® for this situation.

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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Source: Testimonial

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A frontal landscape shot of a woman holding up her catch. She is wearing a High UV Buff® as hair cover. The photo is taken in Far North Queensland so it is hot and humid. The boat is a professional fishing charter vessel. It looks as if she has been out fishing all day and is really happy about her catch. Source: Copyright: Permitted to use on our websiteThe landscape photo shows a middle aged man holding up his catch. He is wearing a Fishing High UV Buff® as scarf with the top covering his chin. The scenery looks like offshore fishing charter as the man wears tough leather gloves. Source: Unknown Copyright: Unknown