Wet Hair Tamed & Dried in Triathlons

A back portrait shot of a woman standing in a triathlon race crowd. She is wearing a High UV Buff® as hair cover. This is a way to tame and dry your wet hair after the swim. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in running / triathlon

Wet hair after the triathlon swim? A High UV Buff® as hair cover tames & dries it.

Your coming out of the water. Your hair is wet and your about to go for the cycle part.

You would love to:

  • have you hair out of your face & tamed
  • keep water from dripping in your eyes
  • dry your hair in a nice way

Why not put your hair from the beginning into a High UV Buff®. Just like you see on the image. Use the High UV Buff® as a hair cover. Even for the swim. Just put the hair cover on and then put the swimming cap over it. Feels so much better. This way:

  • your hair stays tamed during the entire race
  • the fabric handles the wetness & keeps it out of your face with superior moisture management
  • it dries your hair and gives you heat relief in the process with Coolmax™ Extreme cooling performance

This image was taken during the 2007 Xterra Italy race in Orosei.




The design is a custom made Xterra Italy 2007 Design.

You find the High UV Buff designs here

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A portrait side shot of two women walking together. It seems to be shortly after crossing the finish line of a trail run. The one on the left is wearing a Cap Buff®. The one on the right is wearing two High UV Buff®. One as neck cooler & one as alice band. The seem both tired and happy.