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A couple in outdoor clothing during a hike. It looks cold and they are both wearing BUFF® Merino Lightweight multifunctional headwear as scarves. Source:

A warm scarf on your weekend hike

A landscape frontal shot of a young man & woman in the woods. They seem to be on a day trip outdoor. It looks like a standard European winter day without rain. Both are wearing premium outdoor jackets and Wool Buff® around their neck. Source © Distributed for the promotion of the Wool Buff®
It’s cold & you are out and about? The Wool Buff® as scarf gives you great comfort.

It’s a wonderful winter day. You’re out in the country site for a hike.

The Wool Buff® as a scarf is one of the most popular ways to wear here.

As you can see on the picture it:

  • fits snug around your neck
  • goes into every nook & cranny to leave no skin exposed

The merino wool makes it also super comfortable.

The photo was give us as promo material for the 2009 winter season. I assume it’s taken somewhere in Catalonia in the mountains outside Barcelona.




The designs pictured are solid colours. The fabric is dyed.

For all available Wool Buff® designs click here.

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