A warm scarf on your weekend hike

A couple in outdoor clothing during a hike. It looks cold and they are both wearing BUFF® Merino Lightweight multifunctional headwear as scarves. Source: buff.eu
A BUFF® Merino Lightweight Wool tube makes a very comfortable scarf

It’s a wonderful winter day. You’re out in the country site for a hike.

The Wool Buff® as a scarf is one of the most popular ways to wear here.

As you can see on the picture it:

  • fits snug around your neck
  • goes into every nook & cranny to leave no skin exposed

The merino wool makes it also super comfortable.

The photo was give us as promo material for the 2009 winter season. I assume it’s taken somewhere in Catalonia in the mountains outside Barcelona.


It’s easy to pull the merino tube over your head. This tutorial shows you how to make it really warm. I used a BUFF® Original to demonstrate the technique.

Play Video about A thumbnail of Youtube Video


The designs pictured are solid colours. The fabric is dyed.

For all available Wool Buff® designs click here.

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