Fend off biting wind chill with a Wool Buff® face mask

A studio landscape shot of a young woman wearing a Wool Buff® as face mask. She is blond, wearing a white shirt & standing in front of a white background. The tye-died blue Wool Buff® stands out. Source: buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the Wool Buff®

A biting wind in your face? Just pull the Wool Buff® up.

This is were tubes rock. It’s around your neck & your cheeks are freezing. A simple pull up your face and you have a face mask.

The Wool Buff® has the loosest fit of all tubes. It’s also the longest. This gives you lots of layers to go from chill protection up to really warm.

The image is a studio shot and was released with the 2012 winter catalogue.




The design pictured is tie-dyed. Every piece is unique in a way.

For all available Wool Buff® designs click here.

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A landscape frontal shot of a young man & woman in the woods. They seem to be on a day trip outdoor. It looks like a standard European winter day without rain. Both are wearing premium outdoor jackets and Wool Buff® around their neck. Source buff.eu © Distributed for the promotion of the Wool Buff®