A Comforting Scarf on your Adventures

A portrait selfie of Danielle Murdoch somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She is wearing a short sleeve Australian Geographic T-shirt and a grey Wool Buff® as scarf. The hair looks a bit scruffy as if she just took her motorcycle helmet off. She appears to be in her comfort zone and looks happy. Source: Danielle Murdoch motomonkeyadventures.com © permission to use on our websites

Out on Adventure? The Wool Buff® as a scarf has this comforting effect (Danielle Murdoch)

You’re out of your comfort zone exploring the world.
Nice to have a comforting scarf with you.

The Wool Buff® is super comfortable and a favourite among globetrotters. It doesn’t matter if your discovering the world on your motorbike, your bicycle or hitch-hiking.

Pictured is Danielle Murdoch of motormonkeyadventures.com fame. She travelled from Australia over Asia to Africa with a motorbike she got of Ebay.

She loves her Wool Buff®. At this stage she probably didn’t know about the helmet hair solving ability of Buff® headwear. Now she’s got a guide on that issue.



Recommended designs

Everything goes 🙂 I recommend some colour to brighten up the black motorcycle gear.

For all available Wool Buff® designs click here.

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Source: Danielle Murdoch

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A side shot landscape photo of two men in the snow. They are sitting in their sleeping bags with their legs stretched out . It looks as if they sleeped outside and it started snowing. They are both holding a cup of tea in their hands and look happy. The man in front is wearing a Original Buff® as ear warmer. The man in the back is wearing a Original Buff® as beanie. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in outdoor / adventureA square downward shot of a child with a broken arm in a sling. The sling is in the centre of the image. Source: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206949878769393&set=o.199281121709&type=3