A Comforting Merino Wool Scarf on your Adventures

A portrait selfie of Danielle Murdoch somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She is wearing a short sleeve Australian Geographic T-shirt and a grey Wool Buff® as scarf. The hair looks a bit scruffy as if she just took her motorcycle helmet off. She appears to be in her comfort zone and looks happy. Source: Danielle Murdoch motomonkeyadventures.com © permission to use on our websites
Out on Adventure? The Wool Buff® as a scarf has this comforting effect (Danielle Murdoch)

You’re out of your comfort zone exploring the world.
Nice to have a comforting scarf with you.

The Wool Buff® is super comfortable and a favourite among globetrotters. It doesn’t matter if your discovering the world on your motorbike, your bicycle or hitch-hiking.

Pictured is Danielle Murdoch of motormonkeyadventures.com fame. She travelled from Australia over Asia to Africa with a motorbike she got of Ebay.

She loves her Wool Buff®. At this stage she probably didn’t know about the helmet hair solving ability of Buff® headwear. Now she’s back home in New Zealand and runs an award winning Web Development and Marketing Agency with husband Mike


It’s easy to pull the merino tube over your head. This tutorial shows you how to make it really warm. I used a BUFF® Original to demonstrate the technique.

Play Video about A thumbnail of Youtube Video


The design pictured is solid graphite. You can also get the BUFF® Merino Lightweight in colours. Not everything on a motorbiker has to be black 🙂

For more information on the BUFF® Merino Lightweight please visit the Wool BUFF® Guide

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