Heat Relief on a Hiking Trip

A side landscape shot of a woman and a man hiking in a gorge. Both are wearing Original Buff® as neck cooler. The woman to the front right is looking over her left shoulder into the camera. The man in the background seems distracted. The scene looks warm. Both are wearing summer hiking gear. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in hiking / trekking
Feeling warm during your hike? The Original Buff® as neck cooler gives you heat relief.

It’s warm, it’s stuffy. You are trekking and wouldn’t mind some heat relief.

Just wear the Original Buff® loose around your neck as neck cooler. Make it a bit moist to enhance the effect.
This is way better than having to sweat.

If it’s not humid the Original Buff® does a great job.
If you’ve got a smaller head & thin neck like the woman pictured I recommend the Slim Fit Buff®. It’s a Original Buff® in a smaller size.
For the man in the background I recommend sticking with the Original Buff®.

This photo was taken during a photoshoot for the 2008 Buff® summer catalogue.



Recommended Designs

The colour doesn’t matter for this application. Just be aware that light colours look dirty very quickly. For multi-day hikes I recommend to go darker than the one pictured.

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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Source: buff.eu

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