Stopping the Cold Biting on Night Commutes

The horizontal photo is a frontal shot of a woman and a man riding bicycles in a city mall. It is dark and both are wearing cold weather gear. The woman on the left is wearing a Reflective Buff® as face mask. The man on the right is wearing a Reflective Buff® as scarf. Source: Copyright: Unknown. Distributed for the promotion of the Reflective Buff®
Cold Face? The Original Buff® as face mask takes the bite off while being fully breathable..

It’s dark and the chill is biting during your daily commute. This is were the Original Buff® as face mask shines.

It has just the right thickness to take the cold bite off. No sweating as it doesn’t warm you in one layer.

It has the right density to allow heavy breathing. No effort breathing in and out.
Also works if you are a triathlete on a 5 am training run.

This photo was given us in 2004 to promote the Reflective Buff®. Since then I think of it when cyclist rave about the face mask in the cold.




Pictured are Reflective Buff®. They are a Original Buff® with reflective elements added

For all available Reflective Buff® designs click here.

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