Seals Off the Weak Link of Extreme Cold Overalls

Extreme Cold? The Original Buff® seals of the neck collar. The weak link in extreme cold weather gear.

Michael arriving at Scott Base, Antarctica.

He send us this image because we couldn’t believe that the Original Buff® does something good in extreme cold.

Turns out it’s great to seal off the jacket collar. The same reason motor bikers love it.

Cold wind gets through every nook & cranny. Especially if you have a hood attached like Michael’s overall. The Original Buff® as warming scarf just fills out every opening and seals off the collar.



Recommended Designs

For the cold the colour can’t be dark enough. We recommend black or dark blue. These colours have the highest absorption rate. The design Michael is wearing is out of the National Geographic Collection

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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Image Details

Photographer: Unknown
Location: Scott Base, Antarctica
Date taken: 01/01/2005
Source: Michael Nottage, Purchasing Officer New Zealand Antarctica. Received as part of a testimonial.
Copyright: Permission to use on our website.

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