Helmet Hair & Gunky Helmets a Thing of the Past

A portrait shot of a female motorcycle rider wearing a full face helmet. Kath is wearing a Original Buff® as helmet liner. She is also wearing a motorcycle leather jacket and sunglasses. Source: Kath Salotti © permission to use on our websites

Gunky helmets? A Original Buff® as helmet liner keeps your hair nice and a new helmet clean.

Have a helmet on for some time and it starts smelling.

Ever tried to get the pads out in order to clean the gunk that builds up?

The Original Buff® gets rid of Gunk and bad odour. It is anti-odour for a lifetime.

The technology applied is called Polygiene™. It’s hospital grade technology and the best money can buy. It’s also the only one that is non toxic and non-irritating.

Kath is a professional bike instructor, postie biker and drag racer. Her Harley is also her favourite means of transport. In this image she wears the Original Buff® as hair cover.

For full face helmets I recommend to wear the Original Buff® as helmet liner / balaclava. This way you keep all the pads clean.



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Image Details

Photographer: Unknown
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date taken: Unknown
Source: Kath Salotti. Received as part of a testimonial.
Copyright: Permission to use on our website.

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A back landscape shot of a woman with long hair combing a horse. The focus is on her long hair held together by a Original Buff® as scrunchie / hair band. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in horse riding.A side, landscape shot of a man smiling in full Marathon Des Sables gear. He is wearing a Original Buff® as neck cooler. He looks happy & relaxed. I assume that this photo was taken before a stage of the 2005 Marathon Des Sables. You can also spot other uses of the Original Buff® like water bottle covers. Today people prefer the High UV Buff® for this event. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff®.