Warm Head While Sleeping in the Cold

A side shot landscape photo of two men in the snow. They are sitting in their sleeping bags with their legs stretched out . It looks as if they sleeped outside and it started snowing. They are both holding a cup of tea in their hands and look happy. The man in front is wearing a Original Buff® as ear warmer. The man in the back is wearing a Original Buff® as beanie. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in outdoor / adventure

Sleeping out in the cold? The Original Buff® as Beanie or Ear Warmer keeps you in the comfort zone.

So you’re spending the night out and about & it’s cold enough to snow.
Even in a tent a comfortable sleep can be a challenge.
If you don’t have your head covered you loose quite some heat there. It takes a bigger sleeping bag with hood to keep you in the comfort zone.

A Original Buff® as beanie or ear warmer helps to keep that sleeping bag and thermal mat to a minimum.
A normal beanie would move & fall off in the night. The Original Buff® stays where you put it.
A sleeping bag with hood feels claustrophobic. The Original Buff® is hardly felt.

Over the time quite a few pensioners have confessed to me that they wear the Original Buff® as beanie in their bed @ home. Never tried that one 🙂

The photo was taken during a photo shoot for the 2007 Buff® winter catalogue. I love the vibe of the image and it brings back great memories of my past snow adventures.




The designs are a 2007 skull design and a logo design.

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A side landscape shot of a woman and a man hiking in a gorge. Both are wearing Original Buff® as neck cooler. The woman to the front right is looking over her left shoulder into the camera. The man in the background seems distracted. The scene looks warm. Both are wearing summer hiking gear. Source: buff.eu © distributed for the promotion of the Original Buff® in hiking / trekkingA portrait selfie of Danielle Murdoch somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She is wearing a short sleeve Australian Geographic T-shirt and a grey Wool Buff® as scarf. The hair looks a bit scruffy as if she just took her motorcycle helmet off. She appears to be in her comfort zone and looks happy. Source: Danielle Murdoch motomonkeyadventures.com © permission to use on our websites