Cold Wind Protection for the Hair-less

A side landscape selfie of two men smiling in the camera. They are high up in the mountains nearly in the clouds. The right person Rian Cope sports lots of facial hair and a big scarf. The left person is using a Original Buff® to entirely cover his head. Only the eyes are uncovered. Source: Rian Cope © Allowed to use on our website
Cold winds and no facial hair to protect you? The Original Buff® as Balaclava gives you cold wind relief

High up in the mountains. You didn’t expect cold and all of the sudden you’re in the clouds.
Great if you’ve got a big beard and long hair to keep you in the comfort zone.

If not you can put your Original Buff® to good use. Simply wear it as full Balaclava. Gives you a similar protection to full facial hair.
The cold bite is eased without “disconnecting” you with your experience. The effect is more of giving you elephant skin.

This image was taken off Rian Cope’s Facebook feed. Rian’s on the right. Rian loves the Buff® too but apparently had no need for it in this situation.




The design pictured is called Cashmere Cru. Paisley designs are all time best sellers.

For all available Original Buff® designs click here.

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