Comfort Scarf for Adventurous Women

Want comfort on your adventures? The Original Buff® as comfort scarf is the nb. 1 choice among women. (

The number 1 use on adventures. A comfort scarf if you’re a little bit out of your comfort zone.

In this case the scarf also:

  • Seals the motorcycle collar
  • Keeps the bugs out
  • Takes the bite of cool air

The image shows the AmazonHeart group on their first UK ride in 2005. They are outside the Ace Cafe in London.

AmazonHeart organises adventures for women that have survived breast cancer. It’s all about getting back to embrace life to the fullest. As you can see they all wear their Original Buff® the same way.


The BUFF® Original was created in 1994 to takle annoyances around the neck when riding a motorbike. These 2 tutorials shows you the most common use around your neck.

A Chill Protection Scarf

You don’t really need warmth.
And you still want to feel the wind.

This way of wearing just takes the edges of a cool ride.

The Neckwarmer

You are riding into the colder evening or it’s early in the morning. The neckwarmer then does the best job.

Play Video about A thumbnail of Youtube Video


The design is a custom made AmazonHeart Design.

For more information on the BUFF® Original please visit the BUFF® Original Ecostretch Guide

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