Photomontage: Front left image This 2009 photograph captured a sneeze in progress, revealing the plume of salivary droplets as they are expelled in a large cone-shaped array from this mans open mouth, thereby, dramatically illustrating the reason one needs to cover his/her mouth when coughing, or sneezing, in order to protect others from germ exposure. 2009 Brian Judd source: James Gathany / CDC Public Health Image library ID 11162 / public domain Front right image This is a
Germs flying around in a crowd. Happy to have an anti-bacterial Buff®

You are in a crowd and people are coughing and sneezing around you. Didn’t used to be a big thing.


  • Drug-resistant germs are on the rise
  • International travel is spreading infectious diseases worldwide really fast
  • There are more people around. Crowds are getting bigger.

Great to have instant protection if want to avoid the latest bug. Or what-ever the person next to you carries around.

The Buff® fabric kills germs on impact. It lasts for a lifetime of the fabric. It’s a side effect of the anti-odour technology Polygiene®.

Graphic shows germs touching the fabric and dying. credit - 2007 copyright Polygiene A/B
Polygiene® destroys germs on contact. Permanently.

Where it comes in handy


Airport delay: a crowded airport terminal busy with delayed travellers after an air traffic control problem in Cyprus. credit - 2008 Mark Hodson / Flikr / ccby 2.0
The perfect place for infectious diseases to spread. A crowded airport terminal busy with travellers (

You’re in an airport, a plane, a bus,… All areas with lots of people close to you. Sanitation naturally takes a step back too.  Germs can survive for 2 hours or more on surfaces.

The anti-bacterial Buff® fabric can help here

  • as a makeshift glove for opening doors
  • as a quick face mask if people close to you are coughing

Here is a nice guide on how to stay safe whilst travelling.


Cyclist on an adventure. Wearing a Original Buff® as balaclava. Eating something. (
Somewhere remote on an adventure with no medical support around. Go for an antibacterial tube

You’re far away from any hospital. Water is limited and personal hygiene takes a big step back. You definitely don’t want to get sick.

With a Buff®, you have at least one layer of defence with you. It also doubles as an emergency, germ-free, tourniquet.

Every tube should have Polygiene® Technology. Here's why.

 This youtube video shows you how fast germs grow in ideal conditions.

Any face mask or scarf around your nose/mouth will create this.

Photoshop added layer to studio photo. Man wearing a Original Buff® as face mask. The red ellipse in front of nose and mouth symbolises the danger from breeding germs credit - 2016 Edward Omagbemi / copyright Original Buff S.A

Without Polygiene®

Without anti-bacterial function. The fabric is a breeding ground for germs. The red oval illustrates the spread of germs around your mouth after just 1 hour.

Cropped studio image. Man wearing a face mask. credit - 2011 copyright Original Buff S.A

With Polygiene®

Germs don't grow as long as the fabric stays clean.

That’s where Polygiene® does the perfect job. It makes the micro-fibre deadly for germs.

So why not just go for some cheap solutions like bleach or disinfectant. Why take the best technology money can buy?

Effortless – No action required on your site

Bleach and other liquids need to be re-applied all the time to do their job. Polygiene® is part of the fabric. It stays in the material for a lifetime for peace of mind.

Non-Irritating & Non-toxic

Imagine having disinfectants or bleach touching your skin all the time. Can you feel your skin itching?

Polygiene® is 100 % itch-free and free of harmful substances. It passes the most stringent test—the Oekotex™ 100 for babies.


The Buff® fabric must be reasonably clean.

If germs don’t touch the fabric, they don’t get killed.

If you want to use the fabric to filter airborne particles, you have to layer it up. The more, the better. One layer is no filter.

Products with Polygiene®

We are not happy that it’s not used in every Buff®.
It turns out that people weren’t that interested in anti-bacterial.
The attention turned towards the anti-odour effect of this technology.

That’s why only the following products contain Polygiene® technology in the 2020-2021 Season:

The Coolnet UV+ Buff®

The Dry Cool Buff®


International travel increasing spread of new drug-resistant bacteria: Is this the end of antibiotics?

WHO – International spread of disease threatens public health security

Understand How Infectious Diseases Spread

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