Photomontage: Front left image This 2009 photograph captured a sneeze in progress, revealing the plume of salivary droplets as they are expelled in a large cone-shaped array from this mans open mouth, thereby, dramatically illustrating the reason one needs to cover his/her mouth when coughing, or sneezing, in order to protect others from germ exposure. 2009 Brian Judd source: James Gathany / CDC Public Health Image library ID 11162 / public domain Front right image This is a "How-to-wear" image for the official 2011 Buff® catalogue 2011 Original Buff, S.A. Spain source: / copyrighted - only to be used for the promotion of Original Buff® products Background image Crowded marketplace 2006 James Creegan source: / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Germs flying around in a crowd. Happy to have a anti-bacterial Buff®

You are in a crowd and people are coughing and sneezing around you. Didn’t used to be a big thing.


  • Drug resistant germs are on the rise
  • International travel is spreading infectious diseases world wide really fast
  • There are more people around. Crowds are getting bigger.

Great to have instant protection if want to avoid the latest bug. Or what-ever the person next to you carries around.

The Buff® fabric kills germs on impact. It last for a lifetime of the fabric. It’s a side effect of the anti-odour technology Polygiene®.

Graphic shows germs touching the fabric and dying. credit - 2007 copyright Polygiene A/B

Polygiene® destroys germs on contact. Permanently.

Where it comes in handy


Airport delay: a crowded airport terminal busy with delayed travellers after an air traffic control problem in Cyprus. credit - 2008 Mark Hodson / Flikr / ccby 2.0

The perfect place for infectious diseases to spread. A crowded airport terminal busy with travelers (

You’re in an airport, a plane, a bus,.. All areas with lots of people close to you. Sanitation naturally takes a step back too.  Germs can survive for 2 hours or more on surfaces.

The anti-bacterial Buff® fabric can help here

  • as a makeshift glove for opening doors
  • as a quick face mask if people close to you are coughing

Here is a nice guide on how to stay safe whilst traveling.


Cyclist on an adventure. Wearing a Original Buff® as balaclava. Eating something. (

Somewhere remote on adventure with no medical support around. Go for a antibacterial tube

You’re far away from any hospital. Water is limited and personal hygiene takes a big step back. You definitely don’t want to get sick.

With a Buff® you have at least one layer of defense with you. It also doubles as an emergency, germ-free, tourniquet.

Every tube should have anti-bacterial technology. Here’s why

This youtube video show you how fast germs grow in ideal conditions.


Any face mask or scarf around your nose / mouth will create this.

Photoshop added layer to studio photo. Man wearing a Original Buff® as face mask. The red ellipse in front of nose and mouth symbolises the danger from breeding germs credit - 2016 Edward Omagbemi / copyright Original Buff S.A

Without anti-bacterial function. The fabric is the perfect breeding ground for germs

Cropped studio image. Man wearing a face mask. credit - 2011 copyright Original Buff S.A

With anti-bacterial function germs stay away. The fabric remains save.

That’s where Polygiene does the perfect job. It makes the micro-fibre deadly for germs.

So why not just go for some cheap solutions like bleach or disinfectant. Why take the best technology money can buy.

Effortless – No action required on your site

Bleach and other liquids need to be re-applied all the time to do their job. Polygiene® is part of the fabric. It stays in the fabric for a lifetime for peace of mind.

Non-Irritating & Non-toxic

Imagine having disinfectants or bleach touching your skin all the time. Can you feel your skin itching?

Polygiene® is 100 percent itch-free and free of harmful substances. It passes the most stringent test. The Oekotex™ 100 for babies.


The Buff® fabric must be reasonably clean.

If germs don’t touch the fabric they don’t get killed.


International travel increasing spread of new drug-resistant bacteria: Is this the end of antibiotics?

WHO – International spread of disease threatens public health security

Understand How Infectious Diseases Spread

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Photomontage Left image. Stock photo. Exhausted sweaty young woman after a long run. Peter Bernik © Right image. Photoshoot. A male and a female model jogging. They are wearing Buff® headbands. © Original Buff® S.A. Released for the promotion of Buff® products