Extreme Heat. The High UV Buff® fabric cools you. So good you can use it as a face mask whilst running.
Extreme Heat. The High UV Buff® fabric cools you. So good you can use it as a face mask whilst running.

It’s hot. So hot that heat exhaustion or stroke are a real danger. Add some activity and you need some serious cooling.

The head is a great place to cool. That’s why you sweat so much there.

The High UV Buff® fabric was created to help. It uses your sweat to cool you.

drawing showing how all elements of a cooling fabric
A cooling fabric takes the moisture of the skin and spreads it super thin on the outer fabric surface. The heat evaporates the moisture creating a cooling effect

It is the highest cooling headwear fabric in the world. In fact it created the category Coolmax® Extreme in 2003.

Photomontage: Left image: Stockphoto. Desert woman thirsty dehydrated in Death Valley. Dehydration, overheating, thirst and heat stroke concept image with girl in desert nature. maridav © Right image: Participant of the 2003 Marathon Des Sables running. He is wearing a Buff® as face mask. © Unknown. Distributed 2003 by Original Buff S.A for the promotion of Buff® products
Twice as much cooling as standard Coolmax®. The highest cooling fabric in the world.

Popular Applications for Coolmax® Extreme


Danielle Murdoch on the first leg of her epic Australia, Africa, Europe and back trip. She is standing in front of the Northern Territory border sign. The sun is shining, it is hot and she is in full motorcycle gear. © Danielle Murdoch
Heat and motorcycle gear don’t go well together. The cooling fabric around the neck can ease the heat (Motomonkey)

Motorcycle gear in the heat is dreadful.

But there is a gap between the helmet and the jacket. Your neck. Your neck is a great place to get cooling.

The High UV Buff® as helmet liner does a few good things. It

  • Cools the neck in the heat
  • Draws the sweat out of the helmet. Keeps the helmet dryer
  • Keeps the bugs out of your jacket


Fly fisher holding a catch in the flats. He is wearing a High Uv Buff® as face mask. The cooling effect makes the face mask comfortable. © Pat Ford Licenced by Original Buff S.A for the promotion of the High Uv Buff®
Intense sun and heat. The High Uv Buff® fabric cools to make your sun protection comfortable (Pat Ford)

You are out all day. Sunscreen is not really an option. It creates all kind of skin issues.

You’ve probably seen the pro’s wearing a face mask. Thats’ the High UV Buff®.

The cooling feature makes the High UV Buff® the only face mask you can wear comfortable in the heat.


Scott smiling into the camera at the 2005 24 hour mtb race in Kooralbyne. It is hot. He is wearing a Original Buff® as helmet liner to cool down. It also stops sweat from running into his eyes. © Buff Downunder Pty Ltd
Hot under the helmet? The High UV Buff® as helmet liner gives you cooling.

Bicycle helmets are hot. No matter how many air vents. And then there’s the sweat running down into your eyes.

The cooling feature of the High UV Buff® as helmet liner

  • cools your forehead
  • keeps the sweat out of your eyes

Travel & Adventure

Andrew Johnson on the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. He is wearing a Visor® Buff® and raising his arms in a victory pose. Image taken during the first source to sea traverse of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. © Clark Carter.
Hot, humid? No wind somewhere in the jungle? The cooling High UV fabric will give you heat relief.

A lot of great places to visit are in hot & humid climate zones.

The cooling feature of the High UV Buff® can help you in many ways:

  • Sweat in your eyes – A cooling bandana or sweatband
  • A cooling wristband
  • A neck cooler


You are a heavy sweater that hates the heat. You are in a tropical rainforest. Chances are that even the High UV Buff® fabric will fail you. At least you know that you’ve tried the best money can get you. Better get out of that place or take ice packs with you.

Also the fabric has to be flat on your skin. No air pockets allowed. Also not more than one layer.

I recommend to make the fabric moist and shake it before putting it on. This way you have an instant cooling effect on your skin. You don’t first have to sweat to get the cooling effect.

How to easily check other fabrics for MM

Test it

This one is easy. Best is to take your Buff® as reference. Do the following first with your Buff®. Then do it with any other fabric and you’ll be able to compare.

  1. Make the fabric wet and squeeze excess moisture out.
  2. Feel the fabric and memorise the temperature.
  3. Now shake the fabric vigorously in the air to activate any cooling process
  4. Now feel the fabric flat on your palm or on your cheek. Does it feel cooler or not.
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