Extrawheel Voyager Trailer

Extrawheel trailers are currently not in stock. It’s cheaper and faster to ship them direct from Europe than to have Australia Post freight them within Australia. Please press the button below to purchase a trailer or visit Extrawheel.com.

Extrawheel Voyager Trailer

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Features & Benefits
The world’s lightest & reliable single wheel bicycle trailer

Weighs only 3 kg (2.15 kg without wheel)
4kg less than the Bob trailer. That’s the equivalent of a tent and sleeping bags weight.
No moving part or screw connection

Nothing that can break on your tour. Ultimate reliability.
Takes full size, standard wheels
Superior off road handling compared to tiny Bob wheels
The trailer reacts exactly like your bike. Should you have a major tire issue you’ve got a wheel to salvage
Compact, low torque, low centre of gravity design

Negligible impact on rear suspension
Better stability than panniers high up on rear racks
Packs small. Fits your bike box
Fits with your bike into a standard bike travel box. You easily travel without paying extra
Highly customisable
Touring, MTB, race training, shopping, recumbrent,… It can be used with any pannier, rack or wheel. Your freedom to put your dream setup together
5 Year Warranty

So good quality that Extrawheel® gives you 5 year warranty on expedition type of use.

Product Details
The trailer comes with fork, frame, mudguard and flag. Wheel and panniers are not included

2.15 kg (3 kg with standard 700c wheel)
140 cm long
High tension spring steel (fork) & steel (frame)
Grey (fork) & black (frame)

The most common questions answered
Why is the wheel not supplied?

The trailer excels if you use the exact same wheel that you use on your front wheel. Making the trailer the ulimate “extra” wheel is integral to the concept.
Also a standard wheel is around $50 but adds far more than that to Australian shipping costs. For Australia it just doesn’t make sense to ship a wheel.
Where do I get a wheel?

Take your front wheel to your dealer and ask for a spare. If you like to go cheap Reid cycles has wheels from $30.
What panniers are recommended?
We recommend Ortlieb and stock the Back Roller Classic. It’s a perfect match and you can find a trailer + pannier package in our Ebay Shop. All panniers with adjustable locking system fit.
How durable is it?

The Extrawheel trailer is the choice of a lot of extreme cycling expeditions. Look at the blogs of some of these adventures. You will find that 7000 km and more have been clogged up in more than rugged terrain. Terrain that you will most likely never encounter.
Our own trailer is now many years old, has been from Brisbane to Canberra and from Perth to Broome with little sign of wear.
Also noteworthy is that we still have the initial set of spare parts lying around. Nobody has ever asked for spare parts.
Is it safe?
Yes. We don’t know about any issue caused by the Extrawheel. The design actually reduces risks that come with carrying heavy loads. In particular
It improves your stability by lowering the centre of gravity
It shortens your braking distance by putting the braking loads more even on both bicycle wheels
It eases riding on soft surfaces as the load is distributed over 3 wheels
It attracts attention and makes you more visible