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What is a Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF®?

A montage showing a policeman wearing a Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF® as a face mask. In the background, you have a scene of police forces controlling a demonstration. On the right-hand side, you have structural fire fighters attending a burning house.

It’s a technical tubular head/neck sock, designed to protect you from cuts and burns to your neck and face. It addresses the risk that the police, security & special forces, and the army face.

A montage showing a police man in the foreground wearing a Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF® as scarf. Next to it, it says "Use your head. Be protected from slashes". In the background you see special forces members abseiling a building.

Cut Resistant

Dyneema® is 15 x stronger than steel.
You have one layer of this material to stop any sharp object from getting to your skin.

Two structural firefighters standing in front of a burning house in full protective gear. The flames are shooting out of the windows and the scene looks very hot. Source:

Fire Resistant

Being made out of Nomex®, you can cover your face to protect it from radiant heat.
It's basically the same material that fire fighter or race car driver clothing is made off.

Fire Resistant

Passes EN ISO 11612/15 A1, B1, C1, X, X, F1


Antistatic according to UNE EN 1149-5/18

Icon that describes the technical feature cut resistant of the Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF®

Cut Resistant

Passes EN388/16 Point 6.3 Level D test -cutting by sharp objects


Draws sweat away from your skin to aid in heat-relief

  • A 45 cm long, 2 layer knitted tube of DuPont™ Nomex® and Dyneema®
  • The Dyneema® layer protects from cuts
  • The DuPont™ Nomex® layer protects from Fire
  • Popular ways to wear are as a scarf and face mask
  • Also Antistatic
  • 2-Way stretch (length & diameter) for added comfort
  • Chill Protection – Can keep the chill away
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Composition: 64% Meta-Aramid DuPont™ Nomex®, 12% Dyneema®, 8% Glass fibre plus PTFE, 5% Polyamide, 4% Para-Aramid KEVLAR, 4% Carbon fiber P-140, 3% Elastolefine XLA™64


Graphic artwork explaining the size of an adult size Buff®. It fits people with a head circumference of 53 to 62 cm. Source:

It fits everybody with a head circumference between 53-62 cm. That’s nearly every adult in Australia.

How to wear

You can wear a Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF® as

Sleeping Mask
Ear Warmer

Best is to have a look at our Youtube videos that explain the most popular ways to wear a Buff®.


It’s not the cooling type of fabric. That’s why the engineers added moisture management to the fabric.


We offer full support for our Cut+Fire Resistant BUFF®. Just get in touch with us via. Edward is happy to answer any question you might have and show you ways to wear that suit your personal circumstances with Whatsapp, Facetime, Messenger, Skype or Zoom video. He is using Buff® for over 20 years now.


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