Photomontage Left image. Stock photo. Exhausted sweaty young woman after a long run. Peter Bernik © Right image. Photoshoot. A male and a female model jogging. They are wearing Buff® headbands. © Original Buff® S.A. Released for the promotion of Buff® products
Want to feel smelly or fresh? Buff® fabrics keep bad odours away

Imagine having something smelly around your face.

Buff® fabrics prevents this. Permanently.

The smell of your T-shirt is caused by bacteria. The better the living conditions the quicker it starts smelling. That’s why it’s always your armpits that smell first. Wonderful warm and moist. The perfect environment for bacteria.

Buff® uses the best technology money can buy – Polygiene. On contact with the fabric they die. Simple & effective.

Graphic: Illustrating the cause of odour and how Polygiene stops odour. Source
Polygiene destroys the bad odour bacteria as they come in contact with the fabric. No bacteria – nothing smelly (Polygiene)

Here is a nice review from Gearjunkie. It’s for a shirt but the results are pretty much what we experience.

Steve Graepel trail running wearing a La Sportive Peak T-shirt. Source
Steve Graepel testing the Polygiene treated La Sportive Peak T-shirt (Gearjunkie)

Other Great Uses

Keeping Helmets Fresh & Clean

Photoshoot. Buff® ambassador Jordi Viladoms wearing a Original Buff® as helmet liner under a open face motorcycle helmet. © Original Buff® S.A. Released for the promotion of Buff® products
Sweaty gunky helmet? A Buff® as helmet liner keeps your helmet fresh and clean

Gunky, smelly and often itchy helmets. That’s bacteria enjoying their comfortable home. With your sweat they venture into the helmet padding. The warmth makes them happy and them grow.

The Buff® fabric kills the germs on their way through the fabric. A Buff® as helmet liner keeps your helmet fresh and gunk-free

So why not just go for some cheap solutions like bleach or disinfectant. Why take the best technology money can buy.

Effortless – No action required on your site

Bleach and other liquids need to be re-applied all the time to do their job. Polygiene® is part of the fabric. It stays in the fabric for a lifetime for peace of mind.

Non-Irritating & Non-toxic

Imagine having disinfectants or bleach touching your skin all the time. Can you feel your skin itching?

Polygiene® is 100 percent itch-free and free of harmful substances. It passes the most stringent test. The Oekotex™ 100 for babies.


The Buff® fabric needs to free of gunk.

If the Buff® fabric is so dirty that the germs don’t get in touch with it, it can’t work.

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