Gearjunkie rates Buff® Best Product in 10 years

We knew that Gearjunkie loves Buff®. Great to see that they rated it as #2 in the list of 10 best products of the last 10 years.

Just click on the image to see the article on

A screenshot of showing the listing of Buff® in the 10 best products of 10 years award
The Original Buff® is rated #2 of the best 10 products in 10 years

What we noticed

The facemask is worn in a near perfect way to make it cool you and prevent fogging of the sunglasses. I will create a video guide that shows you the difference in making a face mask cool you or warm you. Stay tuned.

The packaging shown is the BUFF® High-UV tube. This product is now replaced with the more advanced Coolnet UV+. The Buff® worn is a Original Buff®. Let me know if you spotted why.



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