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A landscape image with overlay intro header "How to Activate Cooling in a Buff®". It shows Edward at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, holding a Original Buff® to his face. In the background you can see the lake and people swimming in it. © Edward Omagbemi

Activate Cooling in a Buff®

It’s hot and you want immediate cooling.

This tutorial shows you how to cool your Buff® before putting it on.


In Pictures

1: Make your Buff® fully wet and squeeze all excess moisture out.

Edward squeezing the water out of the wet Original Buff®. You can clearly see the water flowing out.
I recommend to start by dipping your Buff® into water so it’s fully soaked. Later on you will find that less is more but fully wet is a good way to start.
Best is to take your strongest hand & scrunch the Buff® up like a ball. Then squeeze a few times until no water comes out.

2: Pull your Buff® apart

Edward pulling his Original Buff® apart from one side of the tube. He is holding one side of the tube opening with his both hands and pulling it apart. This way he gets the fabric to "unstick" and have all sides exposed to the air.
Being wet the fabric is clinging together. I just grab one side of the Buff® with both hands and pull them apart.

3: Shake your Buff®

Edward shacking the Buff® up & down. His palms are inside the tube. The goal is to have air flow through the fabric. It's like creating a wind through the fabric by shacking it.

The idea is to get air to go through the fabric

Edward shacking his Original Buff® in a upward motion. You can clearly see that his right hand is preventing the fabric from sticking together. The inside of the tube is open for air to flow through.

See how I have my hands inside the tube. This way the insides can’t stick together. Every part of the fabric now gets the airflow.

You will find that starting with a fully wet Buff® takes about 15 seconds of shaking to get the cooling process going. You should then have a nice cooling sensation when putting the Buff® on.

Troubleshooting: In case it didn’t work for you here are some ways of troubleshooting the issue.

Troubleshooting 1: Test the wetness & the cooling effect

Edward holding the Original Buff® to his left cheek. He is smiling as he is enjoying a mild cooling effect.

Test the wetness & the cooling effect. Too wet & it will just feel wet.

I like to hold the inside of the fabric to my cheek.

Does it give me a cooling sensation?

If No – Does it feel dry? Then make it wet & start all over again. This time leaving your Buff® a bit more wet.

If No & it feels wet. Then squeeze & shake a bit more.

Troubleshooting 2: Test the breathability

Edward breathing through his Buff®. Too wet and it's hard to breath through. Cooling needs breath-ability.

Hard to breath? Then you won’t get the right airflow. The cooling effect needs easy breathing (good airflow).

Is it hard to breath through? You’re either not shaking the fabric the right way or it was very wet to start with. Then continue to the next step.

Troubleshooting 3: Continue shaking until your happy


Please use the Comments below if you’d like to help improve this tutorial. I greatly appreciate any question, feedback,…

Buff® Recommendations

The High UV Buff® is the best choice for cooling. It’s cooling effect is rated Coolmax® Extreme. It created that category.

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Do you need something high-vis for work? Then have a look at the Dry Cool Buff® in the Professional range.

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