Cat our first Buff® fan

We met Cat in 2004 at the Morgan & Wacker Harley dealership in Brisbane. She was working there and couldn’t wait to give Buff® a try.

We learned that she works as a Postie Biker, as motorcycle trainer and loves motorcycle drag racing on weekends. She really wears a helmet most of the time.

A few days later she rings us and raves about the Original Buff®. Stops helmet hair, keeps the helmet clean,…

Her excitement gets us with Buff® into the accessory sections of Morgan & Wacker and we get an invitation to show Buff® at the next Gold Coast Bike Week.

The rest is Buff® history and we will always be grateful for Cat just giving Buff® a try.

Unfortunately we lost contact to her. So Cat if you read this. Would be great to catch up with you again.

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