Neck Warmer BUFF® Guide

The Neck Warmer Buff® in a Nutshell

The Neck Warmer Buff® Is Designed To Keep Your Neck Warm In The Cold.
A comfy & stylish accessory.

The Neckwarmer Buff® is a tube of Polartec® Classic 100 and some feature a drawstring to close one end.
  • A 30 cm long tube made out of Polartec® Classic 100 fleece
  • Designed for cold weather
  • Popular in winter sports
  • Warmth – warm
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 41 gr (1.45 oz)

The most popular ways of using a Neck Warmer Buff®

Well the name says it all. It’s worn as a neck wamer but quite a lot of people also use it as a beanie.

Product Details of a Neck Warmer Buff®

Want more details? Just post a comment and I will answer.

Design Collection

The Neck Warmer Buff® comes in solid colours or with a print top & bottom


  1. anne rowney

    I would like to purchase some neck warmers wholesale
    I am anne from workwearhub
    feel free to call 0499430926

    1. Dear Anne
      have you got any response from your customer?
      Best Regards Inge

  2. Why am I having such a hard time finding my Buff NeckWarmers? I have 2 of the long polars, band 1 neck warmer I bought years ago. I never go anywhere without one. Even in the summer.

    1. Hi PK,

      Covid-19 is to blame. The factory was shut for quite a while and then opened and runs on part capacity. So not every product and every design is easily available.
      Any design that you’d like to see? We can search for it and let you know when we find it.

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