Looking for a neck warmer for sports in winter or for your next polar activity?

We stock Neck Warmers in all kinds of fabric for all kinds of activity.

Let’s start with a classic neck warmer.

The Classic Neckwarmer

Made out of premium Polartec 100™ fleece.

Choose a style with pattern and you’ll have an additional drawstring to wear as a beanie/hat more info.

Camu/Military Neck Warmer Buff®
Grey Neck Warmer Buff®
OUT OF STOCKNavy Neck Warmer Buff®

I personally like to use the Buff® tubes as neckwarmers.

They provide me with more flexibility and usefulness.

Let’s start with the one that is the least warming and work our way up the warming scale.

A Neck Warmer for Sports in the Cold | The Original Buff®

Are you looking for something that just keeps the chill away and is good at wicking your sweat?

The Original Buff® is very popular for running or hiking in the cold or XC-skiing.

The most popular features  are lightweight, itch-free, odour-free & germ-free more info

The beauty is that you can go from just chill protection to warming depending on how you wear it. I made a short video on how to achieve this.

It comes in over 50 designs. Below is a selection of designs that are in stock.

AJ Black Rabbit Original Buff®
AJ Kosmic Kiss Original Buff®
AJ Solstice Original Buff®
Auscam Original Buff®
Hunter Military Original Buff®
Jing Original Buff®

If you’re not into sports and don’t plan on sweating too much then it’s better you look at something warmer.

A Comfortable Merino Wool Neck Warmer | The Wool Buff®

Our most popular neck warmer product.

The Wool Buff® is designed for comfort in the cold. Super soft merino wool in a tube that is longer so you can even add chin-protection or a face mask whilst maintaining a warm neck.

Apart from the neck warmer, there are many more ways of wearing it more info.

You can get the Wool Buff® in solid colours, prints or tye-dyed and there is even a 3/4 length version available.

Athalia Snow Wool Buff®
Black 3/4-Wool Buff®
Coral Pink 3/4-Wool Buff®
Denim 3/4-Wool Buff®
Grey Multi 3/4-Wool Buff®
Walnut Brown 3/4-Wool Buff®

Not warm enough? Then let’s look at the next warmer product. The Polar Buff®.

A Neck Warmer for very cold conditions| The Polar Buff®

You want this one if it’s really cold.

The Polar Buff® comes as a combination of a classic neck warmer with an Original Buff® attached.

This gives you more options for keeping warm around the neck. more info.

You can get the Polar Buff® in everything from black to pink.

Cashmere Black Polar Buff®
Cashmere Red Polar Buff®
Knit Dark Navy Polar Buff®
Baxter Polar Buff®
Einar Blue Polar Buff®
Explorer Military Polar Buff®

Still not warm enough? Let’s add some Gore Windstopper™.

A Neck Warmer for very cold & windy conditions| The Windstopper (Cyclone) Buff®

On your motorbike or snowmobile in winter?

The Windstopper Buff® (formerly known as Cyclone Buff®) combines a Windstopper™ neck warmer with a double-sided Original Buff®.

You won’t get anything warmer as you can completely seal off the wind. more info.

I hope that you like black or blue.

Black Windproof Buff®
Tanner Blue Windproof Buff®

Do you need something fire resistant? We’ve got you covered.

A Fire Resistant Neck Warmer| The Fire Resistant Buff®

The Fire Resistant Buff® is made out of Nomex® and makes a nice neck warmer.

Neck Warmer Guide

And it comes in more colours than I expected.

Desert Tan 2012 Nomex® Fire Resistant Buff®
Forest Green Nomex® Fire Resistant Buff®
Paris Blue Nomex® Fire Resistant Buff®
Red Nomex® Fire Resistant Buff®

It even comes in a polar version for super cold conditions.

Neck Warmer Guide
Forest Green Pro Fire Resistant Polar Buff®
Navy Pro Fire Resistant Polar Buff®

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